40 Commits (8f1cfac20ab5c7acfbe26d8ccf04ebbd0d94a0e3)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Michael Vogel 8f1cfac20a The global contacts now contain the network name so that the suggestions can select between this. 7 years ago
Michael Vogel 5684ba4442 Now the glink table is written as well in the poco_check function. 7 years ago
Michael Vogel 1a5a00bef8 While storing an item, now every contact is stored in the gcontact table. 7 years ago
Michael Vogel d49c3e99ac Suggest only active accounts. Remove duplicates from gcontact table. 7 years ago
Michael Vogel 11c82816b3 Poco now returns the last update date as well. This date will be stored in the gcontact table. 7 years ago
Michael Vogel 6b8585d48d Database stuff. New table "thread". Changing "left join" to "inner join", removing "limit 1" at update and delete. 8 years ago
Michael Vogel 53c06a3625 Several performance improvements. 9 years ago
Thomas Willingham a8ea3d6e48 We haven't Got Zot 10 years ago
friendica e394ccd0a8 If we're going to encode the email headers, we probably should use the encoded version rather than the original 10 years ago
friendica 210fe188b2 missing param 10 years ago
friendica 3ac7c4e859 keep FB out of private notes 10 years ago
friendica 9ecd128e5e "show more" friends in common 10 years ago
friendica 15542a8690 yet another bug in remote_friends_in_common 10 years ago
friendica 8e1437ca8b fixing common friends 10 years ago
friendica a42a475e10 shuffle results of remote_common_friends widget 10 years ago
friendica becdb1f508 final touches - show friends in common with total strangers from different sites 10 years ago
friendica e247ed3de2 cross fingers 10 years ago
friendica 594803afca reduce the scope a bit 10 years ago
friendica 8bd6e1aef9 first try common friends for visitors 10 years ago
friendica 0ca4fa78c8 link socgraph to zrls 10 years ago
friendica 584ac68ae4 adding zrl support to social graphs 10 years ago
friendica 021c647673 don't include friend suggestions for people with the same name as current contacts. This will remove a lot of #whoaretonybaldwin. 10 years ago
friendica 810e69ef0a more friend suggestions 10 years ago
friendica 8aa2552372 add remove_user hook (it looks like dreamhost changed all my file permissions, this will make a nasty commit) 10 years ago
friendica 79f3bbbf2b more data checking, cleans up some infrequent php errors 11 years ago
friendica ad54a91d4d poco_load aborting after debug statement 11 years ago
friendica dc46a01cd4 suggest query for no friends messed up 11 years ago
friendica e6b538c046 add webfinger addr to gcontact for friend "connect" links 11 years ago
friendica 193435e980 default suggestions not being collected properly 11 years ago
friendica 034038849c mysql error report fix (no mysqli), suggested friends for new members settings 11 years ago
Friendika 15f2ce5459 contact edit updates 11 years ago
Friendika 05cabf24a9 first checkin - updated contact_edit, more work remains 11 years ago
Friendika 014c91431e ignore suggestions 11 years ago
Friendika e38aa67263 link suggestions into the main code 11 years ago
Friendika 158028a0ac first cut friend suggestions 11 years ago
Friendika 3d9a9614e2 common friends 11 years ago
Friendika f4518c646a fixes to diaspora profiles, batch mode duplicates, social graph table name 11 years ago
Friendika e28b143fb6 perform poco_load 11 years ago
Friendika d4644d7339 name change continued, social graph tools and stuctures, fix for spanish province name 11 years ago