413 Commits (800694e9b36bc261a671a80b7ca787f27564a7ac)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  nupplaPhil 800694e9b3
Remove unused `use` statements & remove PConfig class 1 year ago
  nupplaPhil 9e9429b56d
Move PConfig::get() to DI::pConfig()->get() 1 year ago
  Michael 8215c493cf The archive functionality is working again 1 year ago
  nupplaPhil a38b0f7eaf
Move remaining namespaces and delete Core\Cache.php 1 year ago
  nupplaPhil fe078410a1
Move Cache::get() to DI::cache()->get() 1 year ago
  nupplaPhil f68929633b
Move Cache::set() to DI::cache()->set() 1 year ago
  nupplaPhil f0eea6f875
Remove get_app() in favor of DI::app() 1 year ago
  nupplaPhil 3f34229752
Move redundant System::baseUrl() to DI::baseUrl() calls 1 year ago
  nupplaPhil c1dbb25656
Creating interfaces for Config/PConfig & fix tests 1 year ago
  nupplaPhil 50be94aa5e
Remove deprecated App::getHostName() - process methods to DI::baseUrl()->getHostName() 1 year ago
  nupplaPhil 181529f3df
Refactor dynamic App::getProfiler() to static DI::profiler() 1 year ago
  nupplaPhil 388b963714
Replace BaseObject class with DI::* calls 1 year ago
  nupplaPhil 1de3f186d7
Introduce new DI container 1 year ago
  Hypolite Petovan 61c6daeff0 Add timezone information to logger timestamp 1 year ago
  Michael Vogel a3b7f08f78 Don't guess the site info / restrict the description length 1 year ago
  Hypolite Petovan 03bf1dcbd3 Move Object\Image static methods to Util\Images 2 years ago
  Philipp Holzer f4ad82bcfb
make ACLFormatter::expand() nullable and return an empty array 2 years ago
  Philipp Holzer aa7be41728
Fix ACLFormatterTest 2 years ago
  Michael bef7eeed13 Fix 7778: Don't return empty string in permissions 2 years ago
  Philipp Holzer c9e1098dd2
Adapt naming convention 2 years ago
  Philipp Holzer ad67fd3aa8
Move is_a_date_arg to DateTimeFormat::isYearMonth 2 years ago
  Philipp Holzer 5843a80b6c
Move perms2str to ACLFormatter::aclToString() 2 years ago
  Philipp Holzer f65f7f11c3
Move expand_acl to ACLFormatter::expand() 2 years ago
  Philipp Holzer 04a86dad75
remove superfluous line 2 years ago
  Philipp Holzer 1fe9b789f3
Add some PHP doc 2 years ago
  Philipp Holzer 6b2c28e2d7
Add checks & realpath() usage 2 years ago
  Philipp Holzer 0e84a843a4
Add Fallback in case the logfile isn't accessible. 2 years ago
  Michael 4664249fec Improved comment 2 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan 5dcf6bfc58 Remove extra spaces before closing parentheses in src/ 2 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan 146646c4d4 Replace deprecated calls to defaults() by ?? and ?: in src/ 2 years ago
  Michael 440da8a9f4 eol 2 years ago
  Michael c1ab93a5d8 Strings.php: Spaces are transformed to Tabs. 2 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan 2c2beb5c0a
Revert Util\Strings::escapeHtml changes from #7725 2 years ago
  dew-git e1e1d26b5b Revert random_int changes. 2 years ago
  dew-git b5dac16def Comply with coding style. 2 years ago
  dew-git 811cdcdfcb Fix security vulnerbilities. 2 years ago
  Michael 83b00ef308 New function "isAuthenticated" 2 years ago
  Michael 6e9026e033 Renamed function, beginning to replace the "remote_user" function 2 years ago
  Michael 3dd94355b7 Fix permissions when viewing photos, applying same fix to items as well 2 years ago
  Michael 704cdf1b5a New function to store the "remote" session value / making the changes work 2 years ago
  Michael 5254147ccc Fix "redir" loop 2 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan f51b275b17 Add parameter type hints in Temporal::getDateofBirthField 2 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan 118e737a49 Remove dependency to App object in Temporal::getDateofBirthField 2 years ago
  Michael 5ea8116cfd Workaround for HTTP error 417 2 years ago
  Philipp Holzer df7ec0cdf7
php notice fixings 2 years ago
  Philipp Holzer 08be92a862
Moved BaseURL to App namespace (because similar type as Arguments/Modules/Modes) 2 years ago
  Michael b4c673a620 We now use a central function for fetching the postdata 2 years ago
  Philipp Holzer 6c2cf494b5
Remove DependencyFactory 2 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan 46f7b79c7d Switch server blocklist check to case-insensitive shell wildcard 2 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan 3812d3d445 Enable two-factor app-specific passwords for ejabberd 2 years ago