762 Commits (800694e9b36bc261a671a80b7ca787f27564a7ac)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  nupplaPhil 800694e9b3
Remove unused `use` statements & remove PConfig class 1 year ago
  nupplaPhil b5c0df439f
Move PConfig::delete() to DI::pConfig()->delete() 1 year ago
  nupplaPhil 88bb66371c
Move PConfig::set() to DI::pConfig()->set() 1 year ago
  nupplaPhil 9e9429b56d
Move PConfig::get() to DI::pConfig()->get() 1 year ago
  Michael f69a601ab1 Wrong wording 1 year ago
  Michael f3b3c4e866 Link to registration added 1 year ago
  Michael 5c0f0c9c19 Improved notices 1 year ago
  Michael e5ecfa7c34 Additional accounts can now be created easily 1 year ago
  Michael fa975fc775 Delegations now work again 1 year ago
  Michael Vogel 8ebc385772 Improved spam protection 1 year ago
  Michael eb011f47bb Publish lowercase 1 year ago
  Michael 7b060aa3f5 User lowercase for platform data 1 year ago
  Michael a357b0bf37 Combine matching systems 1 year ago
  Michael 3f8b6cb118 Improved order of systems 1 year ago
  Michael 1a2a260e9a Improved documentation 1 year ago
  Michael 3d1be9f2d1 The federation statistics now contain all systems 1 year ago
  nupplaPhil 016cfcd846
Fixings 1 year ago
  nupplaPhil 08edeae2f9
Make Storage testable & add tests 1 year ago
  Michael 9c5b082687 Fix: Show possible managers again 1 year ago
  Michael f48c4fcbe4 Issue 8081: The usage has to be an object, not an array 1 year ago
  Hypolite Petovan 6b8db5ad13 Update the Introductions domain to use repository, model and collection 1 year ago
  Hypolite Petovan 5a1abb8c7d Introduce Mastodon entity factories and API\Entity 1 year ago
  nupplaPhil a38b0f7eaf
Move remaining namespaces and delete Core\Cache.php 1 year ago
  nupplaPhil fe078410a1
Move Cache::get() to DI::cache()->get() 1 year ago
  nupplaPhil f68929633b
Move Cache::set() to DI::cache()->set() 1 year ago
  nupplaPhil c7476513e3
removed some static wrapper 1 year ago
  nupplaPhil 20f1ab05e6
clear cookie before session clear 1 year ago
  Hypolite Petovan 00011fe77d Remove unused use statements in Module\Item\Compose 1 year ago
  Michael 274788807d Fix a missing ")" 1 year ago
  nupplaPhil 48baa0be4b
Remove get_server() in favor of Search::getGlobalDirectory() 1 year ago
  Hypolite Petovan ebaf726744 Rework Feed::import parameters 1 year ago
  Hypolite Petovan ab0a3f194a Add necessary call to BaseUrl->get() in Module\Objects 1 year ago
  Hypolite Petovan 07f1485df1 Correctly capitalize DI::baseUrl in Module\Tos 1 year ago
  Hypolite Petovan e84ad15569 Replace remaining $a->page by DI::page() 1 year ago
  nupplaPhil 3f34229752
Move redundant System::baseUrl() to DI::baseUrl() calls 1 year ago
  nupplaPhil 6d7362da41
Replace deprecated $a->page with DI::page() 1 year ago
  Hypolite Petovan 0dbce6e58b Add user contact data superseding to Mastodon\Account::create 1 year ago
  Hypolite Petovan c286772fb5 Correct value of Mastodon API Account acct field for local users 1 year ago
  Hypolite Petovan cb7875b035 Rename Api\Mastodon\Account::createFromContact to just create 1 year ago
  Hypolite Petovan 015db25d9f Replace obsolete references to App baseURL and getApp by DI 1 year ago
  Michael 74f4637ff3 Fix fatal errors caused by PR 8019 1 year ago
  nupplaPhil f2d4a5eb7d
Remove namespaces 1 year ago
  nupplaPhil 651d693270
Rebase for OpenId & Hovercard 1 year ago
  nupplaPhil 2660edbb48
Use DI::baseUrl() for Search\Index.php 1 year ago
  nupplaPhil df0c05d635
Add Model\Introduction class to DI registry 1 year ago
  nupplaPhil c1dbb25656
Creating interfaces for Config/PConfig & fix tests 1 year ago
  nupplaPhil 33674808dc
Remove deprecated App::cmd - replace with DI::args()->getCommand() 1 year ago
  nupplaPhil e6f61c2cc7
Remove deprecated App::query_string - replace with DI::args()->getQueryString() 1 year ago
  nupplaPhil 26af2feee2
Remove deprecated App::is_mobile/is_tablet - replace with DI::mode()->isMobile()/isTablet() 1 year ago
  nupplaPhil e944d7bed6
Remove deprecated App::getBaseURL() - process methods to DI::baseUrl()->get() 1 year ago