7 Commits (6e8f27b421dbecc411ac8f05355f906cde40d9cb)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Michael efb461583b Move default setting to the configuration file 2 years ago
Michael e4c0c30086 Issue 8961: Rearranged config defaults 2 years ago
Michael 355284841a Optionally display the resharer as icon 2 years ago
Michael d153db44ac Periodically run an "optimize table" command for cache tables 2 years ago
nupplaPhil 7d714319c8
Add license info at Friendica PHP files 3 years ago
Tobias Diekershoff 9ceda398ae add config variable for max file size of CSV file 3 years ago
Philipp Holzer 92fb0a82ca
Dynamic config loading 3 years ago
Hypolite Petovan 470dd6079e Update default log location 3 years ago
Michael 9c507e9577 Added value to settings.config.php 4 years ago
Hypolite Petovan cef6757c92 Replace REGISTER_* constants by Module\Register::* ones 4 years ago
Philipp Holzer 279543deb9 Adding legacy code mapping for given configurations. 4 years ago
Hypolite Petovan ac7f7bb74f Normalize config file line endings to LF 4 years ago
Hypolite Petovan 0c21bd488f Use constants instead of strings for register_policy 4 years ago
Hypolite Petovan d6eb1135e5 Add support for PHP array config files 4 years ago