136 Commits (6bd59cd094bef799a7b1692228e67ad5783e129a)

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  Carsten Pfeiffer 7e5ec9fceb Wrap class OAuthException with !class_exists 8 years ago
  Tobias Diekershoff 86eec2e0fa Twitter API 1.1 9 years ago
  Olaf Conradi 77f4a36d90 Ignore invalid tokens when scraping an URL 9 years ago
  Michael Vogel 1a1984c78d Updated from master 9 years ago
  Zach Prezkuta 0e67ba2bd4 update minified javascripts 9 years ago
  Zach Prezkuta bde68bd8ca add colorbox 9 years ago
  Michael Vogel c9307eb96a OStatus conversation are now checked every 30 minutes for new answers. 9 years ago
  Zach Prezkuta e0dd8944ce some deleted files for tinymce update 9 years ago
  Zach Prezkuta d39a2e8a9d TinyMCE 3.5.8 update; some fixes 9 years ago
  Fabrixxm a875bec75c update fancybox, remove tiptip from head.tpl 9 years ago
  friendica 891bfd9f91 further jenkins include fixes 9 years ago
  Domovoy a31c779a15 Transform prefixed elements to classic ones 9 years ago
  Domovoy 09413a0f0a Better integration with the existing code 9 years ago
  Domovoy f9a9b70123 Detect the namespace uri from token name 9 years ago
  Zach Prezkuta 1f09e7ad23 Modify Javascript to improve page loading times 9 years ago
  Zach Prezkuta 5cb979f5e4 changes to support a mobile theme 9 years ago
  friendica 5589bca1e0 fix !@#$ tinymce linebreaks for the thousandth time 9 years ago
  friendica fd626022ec add smarty engine, remove some obsolete zot1 stuff 9 years ago
  friendica f0db196288 iframes were getting stripped at the rss/atom parser level. We can preserve these because we will strip them in the purifier after checking for supported video sources 9 years ago
  friendica e39014a3a7 update tinymce to 9 years ago
  friendica 62727012d3 language detection library 9 years ago
  friendica 547007e199 add photos to PM autocomplete, improved appearance 9 years ago
  friendica 851264161f mail autcomplete testing 9 years ago
  friendica 63ea378d92 document tinymce fixes/workarounds 9 years ago
  friendica 03b95c9a09 translate br with extra elements 9 years ago
  friendica 86d8d3f442 private file in repository 9 years ago
  tony baldwin cf17606d0f added Vijay's theme from facepark.in 9 years ago
  friendica b4a2dae085 added README to mcefixes to explain what is going on. 9 years ago
  friendica f55779fd83 update tinymce to 3.5b2 to fix issues with FF 11 and pasting into code blocks 9 years ago
  friendica 4bb280bc2f lost changes to tinymce/bbcode 9 years ago
  friendica 9e731506c2 remove admin view of local directory 9 years ago
  Tobias Hößl 7868e3897b In HTML2BBCode: fetch the URL of [EMBED] using JavaScript instead of an ajax-call to a php-script. Once there actually is embedded Code in the HTML, this function is called after every single keypress. Not only is making an ajax-call every keypress bandith intensive - it also made typing hard / slow. Making a lot of JavaScript-RegExp-Computation every keypress isn't exactly great either, but still performs better. 9 years ago
  friendica 3da97e2393 finalise spam storage model, begin driver changes. 10 years ago
  Alexander Kampmann e0c659b34b Enabled automated doc building. Changes: 10 years ago
  friendica 53412dacd4 update globaldir when page-type changes, add spam date field 10 years ago
  Alexander Kampmann 9986fc1910 fixed syntax errors 10 years ago
  friendica cb9d0993f1 waitman gobble fix for escaping code blocks in tinymce 10 years ago
  Abinoam P. Marques Jr 6e2ae7bf1e library/OAuth1 - Friendika -> Friendica 10 years ago
  root b6d7777226 New version of markdown. Playing with stylesheet. Testing line breaks. 10 years ago
  friendica d8b82b24a4 Documentation on Friendica changes to B8 and notice of source availability in accordance with LGPL 10 years ago
  Fabio Comuni 22cfb77173 events: first test for full-javascript events calendar 10 years ago
  friendica 803a7425ea make hr bbtag shareable, stray quote in duepuntozero wall_item 10 years ago
  Keith Fernie 2c9cfb1fe9 modified: library/slinky.php Set up tabs in code correctly. 10 years ago
  Keith Fernie 955022e7dc modified: library/slinky.php Added a custom YourLS shortener to the available shorteners 10 years ago
  friendica f57fa90228 more work on Friendica db driver for b8 10 years ago
  friendica 64d0616762 add uid variable to b8 classes 10 years ago
  friendica c8c062d960 add spam engine 10 years ago
  friendica 8aa2552372 add remove_user hook (it looks like dreamhost changed all my file permissions, this will make a nasty commit) 10 years ago
  friendica 792e957842 symbolic bbcode icon 10 years ago
  zottel 720787b772 Switch to jquery 1.7.1 10 years ago