29 Commits (583a2f709b210b556faee4f001bcb58b7a3240e1)

Author SHA1 Message Date
rabuzarus 620299dc25 include friendica address in hcard 7 years ago
fabrixxm ae9c9829fa Remove language selectors from themes 7 years ago
fabrixxm fb3ac68cc0 Add user language in settings, use that field as language for UI 7 years ago
rabuzarus e785759a8b template-rework:make use of get_contact_details_by_url() 7 years ago
rabuzarus 442d59abc4 template rework: multi-row view for the other themes 7 years ago
rabuzarus efb12aed20 template rework: little theme specific changes (frost, quattro) 7 years ago
rabuzarus f9c0c1d696 template rework: use viewcontact_template.tpl for contact dealing pages 7 years ago
rabuzarus 9176e739a4 sugest.php: themeable as whole page 7 years ago
Michael Vogel e6b85c822d frost-mobile has now a link to the original post. See issue 1793 7 years ago
Fabrixxm 52f9465578 filebrowser fixs, use it in comment textareas 7 years ago
rabuzarus d8c0c62331 work on supported themes to use new acl 7 years ago
rabuzarus 3504b3b94f make frost + frost-mobile work with datepicker 7 years ago
Johannes Schwab 107b495183 fix infinite scrolling with frost-mobile 7 years ago
fabrixxm b2527039b7 add text-only email option 8 years ago
hauke 2743514791 bug fix #1135, show more is usable again 8 years ago
hauke baabb5ba8b removed fancybox as it is not used anywhere 8 years ago
hauke 392b53dbf9 minified js files where out of date and inconsistently used. Removed until decision on minifying strategy 8 years ago
Silke Meyer 6369399b9f Shrink user icons in timeline to 48x48 8 years ago
hauke 191595766d removed old comment that is no longer true 8 years ago
Tobias Diekershoff e3ac4b2746 removing commented out stuff 8 years ago
Tobias Diekershoff b1d9483bef allow scaling on mobile themes 8 years ago
Michael Vogel e70b110984 Switching from "new share" to "old share" 9 years ago
Silke Meyer 5075770654 Transferred link link from Neptune theme (by 23n) to frost-mobile 9 years ago
Zach Prezkuta b4aa018d7b forgot to update Frost autocomplete JS location 9 years ago
Zach Prezkuta cc4d091db0 remove some now-unnecessary templates 9 years ago
Zach Prezkuta 127b7a589e eliminate Cropper conflicts with jQuery 9 years ago
Zach Prezkuta 35358baac9 update to v4.0.0; point to local host of SWF 9 years ago
Zach Prezkuta fec4581f34 basic video playback support using VideoJS 9 years ago
Fabrixxm 379c761c3f missing "templates" folders 9 years ago