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  Hypolite Petovan 56ee734b00 Cleanup /format pre-move 3 years ago
  Michael f639a86d02 Comments from unknown people never reached us 3 years ago
  Michael 7240b2198b Missed protocol ... 3 years ago
  Michael 35dc56c9c2 Salmons with Mastodon seem to work now 3 years ago
  Roland Haeder ec57babf89
added spaces + some curly braces + some usage of dbm::is_result() 3 years ago
  Alexandre Alapetite d2901dcb00 Fix for MySQL 5.7+ 3 years ago
  Michael f6d7ee2781 Issue 3142: mcrypt is no more (as well as phpseclib) 3 years ago
  Michael 3796a141c6 We don't need this include anymore 3 years ago
  Michael 1560534621 Now it's openssl - and no copy&paste failure anymore 3 years ago
  Michael 973fcd3624 Test with OpenSSL 3 years ago
  Michael 54c8fb2bb8 Replaces mcrypt with phpsec. 3 years ago
  Michael bc517ef3d2 Remove reduncancies 3 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan 7b352f3f74 Revert "Coding convention applied - part 1" 3 years ago
  Roland Häder 951006dd10
more spaces + some curly spaces added 3 years ago
  Roland Häder 41a36606c6
added spaces + some curly braces 3 years ago
  Michael a2a171af06 "dob" is not a date field, so the changes are reverted 3 years ago
  Michael 0afb0c2ea4 NULL_DATE is now a constant 3 years ago
  Michael e5e6f4fd19 Better logging to analyze unwanted messages from Diaspora 3 years ago
  Michael 40390cc5ec Diaspora Relay: Only accept postings from anyone when the relay is configured 3 years ago
  Michael a9833a395f The relay query now uses a better index 3 years ago
  rabuzarus 0e64d462df diaspora - add braces 3 years ago
  rabuzarus 2daa0936db diaspora - switch logger for "non subscribed messages" to LOGGER_DEBUG 3 years ago
  Michael c2543f918b Last minutes changes 3 years ago
  Michael cb5df4d715 Some corrections 3 years ago
  Michael 44d966574d Some more indexes and other query improvements 3 years ago
  Michael 4053499c38 Enable caching wirh comments 3 years ago
  Michael 66902c7956 We now also transmit Dislikes 3 years ago
  Michael 7cf70b64b8 We now send the participation message as well. 3 years ago
  Michael 4928d00e22 Standard stuff 3 years ago
  Michael 55ee80338f Events are now shared with Diaspora. 3 years ago
  Michael 94977cca18 Events are now done. 3 years ago
  Michael 9af3f5b0da Improved loggin 3 years ago
  Michael 483f34c4ce We now transmit event data as well 3 years ago
  Michael ca0e6cba02 Relaying of Diaspora comments now work with the new fields as well. 3 years ago
  Michael 6a511066c4 Threaded comments will now be transmitted 3 years ago
  Michael ce4c542e37 Support for threaded comments 3 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan 769b849665 url_from_contact_guid: move network constant to arg list 3 years ago
  Roland Haeder 4edc73486e
Continued with coding convention: 3 years ago
  Roland Haeder 6c0c9d542a
Continued with coding convention: 3 years ago
  Roland Haeder af2909bf8f
Continued with coding convention: 3 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan b631442760 Misc changes to url_from_contact_guid 3 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan 177f93f9a5 diaspora.php: Standards, standards everywhere 3 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan 155e777d19 replace_people_guid: Break down nested calls 3 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan 4a7c3b9eef Diaspora: Fix class name case + add self 3 years ago
  Michael 4aafbb09a5 The object type "photo" is deprecated and was replaced by "image" 3 years ago
  Michael 6e46987515 The object type "photo" is deprecated and was replaced by "image" 3 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan 81d003cad1 Diaspora: Complete /people/* links from fcontact or author domain 3 years ago
  Roland Häder a905522eb5 Cleanup for #3010 - added spaces, thanks to @annando . 3 years ago
  Michael 89d5aa64ba Mark contacts as dead or undead while transmitting and receiving messages 3 years ago
  Michael e925c4139c Some documentation 3 years ago