130 Commits (54e2c1ca81b99d4ac418e9287e00440de1fdc664)

Author SHA1 Message Date
friendica 54e2c1ca81 rev update, bug 428, 429, and ability to block globaldir submissions from demo sites 9 years ago
Tobias Hößl 720c8324c7 Some Bugfixes, and variable checks 10 years ago
friendica 7c6c3d36f5 profile wall privacy 10 years ago
friendica cf2edb5b9a ctrl + left|right cursor keys to prev/next photos 10 years ago
Tobias Hößl 0341078a73 Existing photos could not be used as profile photos anymore - should be fixed now. And some extra logging in the CSRF-Protection to make debugging easier 10 years ago
friendica a97cb88b65 logger_debug was used as string instead of constant 10 years ago
friendica a76a497d92 implement "moderate" flag on items 10 years ago
friendica 8aa2552372 add remove_user hook (it looks like dreamhost changed all my file permissions, this will make a nasty commit) 10 years ago
friendica e3a415d409 add photo upload link to album widget and "upload to this album" ability 10 years ago
friendica b99cb511ca comment preview 10 years ago
Fabio Comuni 2ef2d0b79f quattro: contacts and first photo page 10 years ago
friendica efeb377a12 w3c valid cleanup 10 years ago
Friendika 35305fb6d9 fix "do not show status post for photo" setting when used with js_upload (value is string "true/false" not integer or boolean) 10 years ago
Friendika e5a7b3e24b add contact-id to auto-complete response to resolve duplicates 10 years ago
Friendika 278433eac7 origin flag handling, and bug #137 - provide timezone conversion for events posted across to Diaspora 10 years ago
Fabio Comuni 070e081ae9 Fix url in profile tabs 10 years ago
Fabio Comuni f64e2d63b9 New common tab template. Update css 10 years ago
Friendika 0ad9e7b5f4 option to not post photos to status stream 10 years ago
Friendika f4c961b906 override pragma 10 years ago
Devlon Duthie 78c3210f6a fixed a bug I introduced when working on the testbubble theme - user's photo widget header div wasn't closed correctly 10 years ago
Devlon Duthie cb1c6dd1e3 really commiting files this time, still getting the hang of git. 10 years ago
Friendika a2b2318106 provide permission error vs "not found" for protected photos 10 years ago
Friendika 9161d1832e allow one to toggle into and out of photo edit mode for an entire album 10 years ago
Friendika 660787916e template escapes 10 years ago
Friendika a810d2a993 put profile photo on photos page 10 years ago
Friendika a33edb0042 infrastructure for personalised @ tags (no UI/settings form yet), allow own comments through statusnet connector 10 years ago
Friendika 04675e3ec3 revup 10 years ago
Friendika c74f0f0cab show full size photos for album view even when photo has been used as a profile photo 10 years ago
Friendika 84d12c3e08 move hidewall to user table - queries are getting too complicated and servers falling over 10 years ago
Friendika 07ea67e33b removed stray debug statement 10 years ago
Friendika 53653f6a4d consolidate perrmisions sql, minor duepuntozero validation fixes 10 years ago
Friendika 8819c73ba1 bug #99 - don't show album name/link if photos are private 10 years ago
Friendika ad5b976978 allow spaces in @ tags 10 years ago
Friendika d5855967a7 do not translate hidden photo album 'Contact Photos' as it may become unhidden when different language is used. 10 years ago
Friendika 4ca6a9a382 dbg info for photo uploads 10 years ago
Fabio Comuni 5de7d0f12f add profile tabs to "photos", "events" and "notes". in dispy, show active tab. 10 years ago
Friendika e5b54e74ba delete selected items 10 years ago
Friendika 4469f92ea3 prev/next icons (instead of text) for photos 10 years ago
Friendika 894dfde122 set permalink on photo tags 10 years ago
Friendika dea721a3f8 minor fixes to apps (don't show notes if not logged in) and photos (tag delete link is leaking to unauthorised users) 10 years ago
Friendika d2863d1859 first recently uploaded photo (in 3 hours) to an older existing album, post made visible 10 years ago
Friendika 55e727de64 make 'visible to everybody' warning toggle correctly in photos and settings 10 years ago
Friendika 69f014d02b bug #38 ability to restrict profile, wall, photos from non-friends 10 years ago
Friendika 4e8a97f30a bug #38 posts and photos only visible to friends if so configured 10 years ago
Friendika 1ccda19f7a hooks can't contain direct values, must be variables 10 years ago
Friendika db60d6d78f photo upload plugin size limit is not working, call photo_end hooks in any error return from mainline so html does not leak into json responses bug #77 10 years ago
Friendika b2e92e0af3 deprecate load_view_file 11 years ago
Friendika a00813497f bring back load_view_file for dispy templates 11 years ago
Friendika c052d68828 don't use load_view_file() except in email templates and install of htconfig - to avoid getting wrong file when package is updated by copying over an older version. 11 years ago
Friendika 3b51f28d25 comment macros showing on photos 11 years ago