21 Commits (5161be67e9f4eebe5723b44ddd3ad37e18f0a632)

Author SHA1 Message Date
friendica 5161be67e9 logging of manage identities 11 years ago
friendica 94b9e9ce6d for people whose DB's are not updating 11 years ago
friendica 167ab537b5 backend for delegating forums 11 years ago
friendica 8aa2552372 add remove_user hook (it looks like dreamhost changed all my file permissions, this will make a nasty commit) 11 years ago
friendica 4b6990e1ff modularise successful authentication 11 years ago
Friendika bc5935061b dfrn friendship issue 11 years ago
Friendika 48ffa880f0 cleanup 11 years ago
Friendika 53653f6a4d consolidate perrmisions sql, minor duepuntozero validation fixes 11 years ago
Friendika b7292bc673 user pref -> block remote wall posting 11 years ago
Friendika 4d84a87ce4 cache result of (expensive) security check for visitor rights 12 years ago
Friendika e521dfd5e6 refactor outgoing comment ability for off network contacts 12 years ago
Friendika 188b1d2d6f participate in public conversations 12 years ago
Mike Macgirvin ac824fe83e eradicate redundant get_uid function 12 years ago
Mike Macgirvin be981a4f8a wrong type comparison (string, int) which was the cause of the last problem. 12 years ago
Mike Macgirvin 1d2fdb259e funny behaviour with post permissions after recent changes 12 years ago
Mike Macgirvin 3789c288a7 dash, not underscore 12 years ago
Mike Macgirvin 0f47ac282c celebrity/group/community pages about 75% implemented 12 years ago
Mike Macgirvin 188dc1fcf8 relationship direction was too confusing to work with. instead of "in,out,both" it's now declared by role e.g. "vip,fan,bud". 12 years ago
Mike Macgirvin e0045a43e2 mongo checkin, global directory, redir rework, location basics 12 years ago
Mike Macgirvin 6695b4a203 more bugs 12 years ago
Mike Macgirvin 6348e70daa Initial checkin 12 years ago