102 Commits (4c3d28488f764e0db2d5c71a8afeb6c5167c6c4b)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Michael 1898c0c351 Fix notice "Undefined index: gravity" 4 months ago
  Michael 5f46b09772 Added some logging 4 months ago
  Michael 178455928a We can now manage relay servers and can send content to them 4 months ago
  Michael 4930991734 Process incoming relay posts / fix importing posts 4 months ago
  Michael 08fa5f0c19 We now set the "global" direction 4 months ago
  Michael 5a41cd437d Add additional direction types 4 months ago
  Michael a491c5d916 Store and display to/cc/bcc 4 months ago
  Michael e9f462f0a3 AP: Improved checks for incoming posts 4 months ago
  Michael d64c910f69 Reworked receiver detection 4 months ago
  Michael 62ce87dfe6 Fixing processing forum posts 5 months ago
  Michael f09d9bc9cc Remove url caching, locking cleanup 5 months ago
  Hypolite Petovan c26cc5b75e Expand scope of prepareObjectData in ActivityPub\Receiver 6 months ago
  Hypolite Petovan 259a62f9dd Separate concerns between postItem and createItem in ActivityPub\Processor 6 months ago
  Hypolite Petovan 05bd0d0b67 Add support for multiple Link as urls of Images in ActivityPub\Receiver 6 months ago
  Hypolite Petovan 01e9beffc2 [ActivityPub] Add support for more attachments structures 7 months ago
  Michael 079738a8b5 Fix a fatal error when an undo doesn't contain an object 8 months ago
  Hypolite Petovan 8abaac6d79 Account for missing location value in ActivityPub\Receiver 8 months ago
  Hypolite Petovan 3c0547c6e8 Ensure post location received through ActivityPub is in plaintext 8 months ago
  Michael 1fef1ef6e9 Issue 7771: Funkwhale support 10 months ago
  Michael 50e0ea5b3e Funkwhale support added, Peertube support improved 10 months ago
  Michael 9390748187 Store "sc:identifier" as GUID as well 10 months ago
  Michael 7b7132971a Raw content is now stored with announce messages as well 10 months ago
  Michael 8410c5e283 The direction field needs to be removed 10 months ago
  Michael 986877b1cf Restore previous state 10 months ago
  Michael e38640da76 The original content of the post hadn't always been stored 10 months ago
  Michael af6db65961 Store the push/pull direction in the conversation table 10 months ago
  Michael ca1b92bb34 Support unlisted public posts 10 months ago
  Michael 1743682153 We don't need to pass the protocol that way 10 months ago
  Michael 26cffd379a Store the raw data in a different way 10 months ago
  Michael acd99b9010 Push/Pull indicator 10 months ago
  nupplaPhil 85dc9bb96b
Add license info at Friendica PHP files 11 months ago
  Michael 56816ea9d5 AP comments from GNU Social are now working 11 months ago
  Michael 0a4119adaf @brief is removed completely 1 year ago
  Michael 5b755f0f23 Issue 8067: Posts from Mastodon had been wrongly parsed 1 year ago
  Michael fa57fead2e AP: Read different content types for the source and the content 1 year ago
  Philipp Holzer 07cea24430
Move Activity/Namespaces defines to constants 1 year ago
  Hypolite Petovan 146646c4d4 Replace deprecated calls to defaults() by ?? and ?: in src/ 1 year ago
  Michael 3c1380fdcc Fix enduring follow requests to Pleroma 1 year ago
  Michael 1a213bd8e8 Issue 7315: Changed handling of "Group" posts 1 year ago
  Michael Vogel 807d2665ea Use standard function to update the contact to avoid SQL errors 1 year ago
  Michael 6041f74df6 New constant for federated protocols 1 year ago
  Michael Vogel 449305e527 Fix the processing of event activities 1 year ago
  Michael e4efddbabb Avoid a notice in AP Receiver 1 year ago
  Hypolite Petovan 66d4f1d40b Add type-hint in ActivityPub\Receiver::fetchObject to catch wrong type coercion 1 year ago
  Michael ecf4789cc4 Process incoming tag add requests 1 year ago
  Michael 490e850b48 Fix for receiving direct messages from Mastodon 1 year ago
  Michael 3f55f93606 AP: We can now receive "direct messages" (aka "mails") as well 1 year ago
  Michael eef85584c2 AP: Parsing of messages from Pleroma should work now again 1 year ago
  Michael e66e2adf5f AP: Incoming announces are now stored as activities 1 year ago
  Hypolite Petovan 8c1db51a76 Improve Logger calls 1 year ago