796 Commits (4c0e00fa4f7a888c168aad47a7f8e812792a38dc)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Philipp 81122bfc3b
Fix tests 7 months ago
Philipp f7603b0b6a
Try to delete all data at the end of the test .. 7 months ago
Philipp 0f752ff91b
Fix tests 7 months ago
Philipp caa977c24e
adapt fixture 7 months ago
Philipp 64a336ee8d
Rename method again 7 months ago
Philipp b5d994394e
Fixing PUBLIC usage, Fixing DB-View, Creating tests 7 months ago
Philipp a07acac463
Fix PHP-CS 7 months ago
Philipp 5fecc9ecf7
Adapt ProfileField & Fix current PermissionSet Usage at ProfileFields 7 months ago
Philipp 8a354dac82
Fixup ProfileField Test (because of PermissionSet fix) 7 months ago
Philipp a22c373347
make PHP-CS happy :-) 7 months ago
Philipp 7c0c102f9f
Add tests 7 months ago
Philipp f273c27e3b
Fixups 7 months ago
Philipp ef1e2ce77e
Cleanup tests 7 months ago
Hypolite Petovan fe5d1444a5 Add test for new BBCode tag 7 months ago
Hypolite Petovan 29be333cec Add test for public value of Depository\PermissionSet->selectOneById 7 months ago
Hypolite Petovan 5feb80397f Added test for code blocks containing HTML entities in HTMLTest::toBBCode 7 months ago
Michael 27b9da3df5 replace "p" with higher level database functions 7 months ago
Philipp 03164d00e8
Add feedback and tests 7 months ago
Philipp 7471b7698b
Adapt filesystem tests 7 months ago
Philipp 065b46c721
Split Storage usage and Storage configuration 7 months ago
Hypolite Petovan 47acb6a278 Move notify to the new paradigm 8 months ago
Michael 4e5116cf7e API: No special handling for Diaspora reshares 8 months ago
fabrixxm fcc284577d Fix typo in test for ParsedLogIterator 8 months ago
Michael 0b333ef6bc Fixed test error 8 months ago
Michael dd6e321c97 Added test 8 months ago
fabrixxm ab7de16aca Fix code style 8 months ago
fabrixxm eadcc8dc93 Handle reading empty file in ReversedFileReader 8 months ago
Philipp b7c262bee6
Fix test 8 months ago
Philipp 27e4586597
Move path determination logic into the `ConfigFactory` 8 months ago
Hypolite Petovan 8e99b7f775 Refine BBCode::expandTags regular expression 8 months ago
Philipp 5702944116
Add the possibility to use a different configuration directory 8 months ago
Philipp 0d6884a8a9
Fix `http_code` usage in case of failures 9 months ago
Philipp d517fed12d
Add test for https://github.com/friendica/friendica/issues/10473#issuecomment-907749093 9 months ago
Philipp befd5c860d
Fix headers (string to array) and make sure the signature doesn't change 9 months ago
Philipp f2dcc2788d
Add Test for HTTPSignature::createSig() 9 months ago
Philipp d4a233a149
Extend test capability for HTTP Requests 9 months ago
Philipp c7f54d83ce
Introduce DiceTestTrait for partial mocking DI:: calls 9 months ago
Philipp 3eb2abdb2a
Adapt tests 9 months ago
Philipp 52c7948526
Create HTTPClientFactory and introduce ImageTest 9 months ago
Philipp 9eba32226c
make CS happy :) 9 months ago
Philipp 26401e88b8
IHTTPResult::getContentType is now a string again 9 months ago
Philipp 82f767f2ee
Fix Content-Type for `CurlResult` class 9 months ago
Philipp 803c1d71de
Fix IHTTPResult::getHeader() 9 months ago
Philipp dee1899628
Fix IHTTPResult::getHeader/s() 9 months ago
Philipp 05ecd1e3d4
Replace IHTTPResult for CurlResult usages 9 months ago
fabrixxm 7f695197aa Fix review points 9 months ago
Hypolite Petovan 940a9b2505 Add test for issue #10617 9 months ago
fabrixxm 5520f100b2 Fix `ParsedLogIteratorTest::setUp()` 9 months ago
fabrixxm dd2abc7aff Fix code standard 9 months ago
fabrixxm ce0d7616cc Add tests for ParsedLogIterator 9 months ago