65 Commits (49179f9033e875034bbf97cae64b58a4f0871c7f)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Simon L'nu 49179f9033 add :headdesk and fix doc/Pages.md to remove the absolute URL to / 10 years ago
friendica 4222f506a8 deprecating two-char smilies 10 years ago
friendica 7dcef67492 facepalm smiley 10 years ago
Fabio Comuni fe3e8ee854 quattro: icons for attachments 10 years ago
friendica 03171fd7de preliminary qcomment support, [nosmile] tag to disable smiley processing 10 years ago
friendica 134fdda75f refactor smilie code to allow for extensions and generation of a table of the entire list 10 years ago
Vasudev Kamath e4b1c07727 cry, foot in mouth, cool, undecided and embarassed smiley's are mapped 10 years ago
friendica 330a876d81 bug #281 10 years ago
Vasudev Kamath cbf53beec1 ;) :D and :-O are also enabled for wink laugh and surprised smiley's 10 years ago
friendica 8b101c6cb8 do not display contact_block if config for num shown is 0 10 years ago
friendica bb19c8ba4e kissing smilie may need escaping (thanks - Abinoam) 10 years ago
friendica c506bb42a9 :coffee extended smilie 10 years ago
friendica 8a3c1f7930 beer smilie 10 years ago
friendica 3d099bd99a beer 10 years ago
friendica 8ff2bb4cd3 backtrace errant input to base64url_decode 10 years ago
friendica 1f074cb44c shaka, slackr theme 10 years ago
friendica 8aa2552372 add remove_user hook (it looks like dreamhost changed all my file permissions, this will make a nasty commit) 10 years ago
friendica d840943621 use reltoabs - primarily for github activity feeds 10 years ago
friendica 48a5a2484e new smiley 10 years ago
Fabio Comuni 1fbffc76b1 text: "turn off" logger() if module is "install" 10 years ago
friendica 22d59350e9 improve the email regex a bit more 10 years ago
friendica 690b3f57b7 bug 241 - valid emails may contain + on lhs 10 years ago
friendica 834639ebab \o/ smiley 10 years ago
friendica c8d5274cee data structures to support hidden friends 10 years ago
friendica 0f4a42f550 start on bug #227 - more to do 10 years ago
Fabio Comuni 962467ee68 item tags as array to templates 10 years ago
Friendika bd48a016af fix for multiple consecutive @ tags 10 years ago
Friendika e4dd2a5a9a begin the name change 10 years ago
Friendika abe96155b4 hmmm - why won't poco xml work 10 years ago
Friendika 72d74b88be some dspr fixes 10 years ago
Friendika 790c4a4e1a tag display with item 10 years ago
Friendika 3b6b0eaa8b social tag - add UI 10 years ago
Friendika d1833cabf6 fix hex2bin for empty input 10 years ago
Friendika 557a7d0cec stuff 10 years ago
Friendika b1e5dfad3c clean up w3c validation and layout for priv mail and lang selector 10 years ago
Tobias Diekershoff feaba3d300 point Diaspora* to the foundation homepage instead of joindiaspora.com 10 years ago
Friendika 924d419378 added prepare_body hooks 10 years ago
Fabio Comuni e9638b6980 Adds theme info file to define 'parent' theme from where load tpl files 10 years ago
Friendika 6a9e22550d . 10 years ago
Friendika 542aa22eb9 provide ability to unset session language 10 years ago
Friendika 1c8e89bd03 social bookmark API, oexchange enhancements 10 years ago
Fabio Comuni 6b6f45f9f1 quattro: initial style of conversations 10 years ago
Friendika 1778e4a315 bloody ampersands 10 years ago
Friendika ff572487a3 smilie hook 10 years ago
Friendika ebb9af8946 One day we'll have ignored all purely numeric hashtags like #33. Found yet another edge case. 10 years ago
Friendika d7a2ab9c1f send profile visits to 'redir' window 10 years ago
Friendika 481853d2cc saved searches on network page 10 years ago
Fabio Comuni 8b615133d5 remove html from profile vcard code 10 years ago
Friendika 0d9d576aa6 move encryption functions to crypto file 10 years ago
Friendika 457f8c3e95 use mb_strlen when iterating utf8 10 years ago