31384 Commits (3eb2abdb2aec830d0d17d1e14695273dbcde5328)

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Philipp 3eb2abdb2a
Adapt tests 5 months ago
Philipp 8385ee7a61
Use mattwright/urlresolver for HTTPClient::finalUrl() 5 months ago
Philipp e576af218b
Use Guzzle for HTTPClient::post() 5 months ago
Philipp 736277dcf0
Refactor HTTPClient::get() / ::head() 5 months ago
Philipp 52c7948526
Create HTTPClientFactory and introduce ImageTest 5 months ago
Michael Vogel 73e8db24f9
Merge pull request #10631 from MrPetovan/bug/10625-guzzleresponse-body-stream 5 months ago
Hypolite Petovan 7a8d800024 Add probe support to `@user@domain.tld` search string format 5 months ago
Hypolite Petovan 17944c01ea Allow a GuzzleResponse body to be queried more than once 5 months ago
Hypolite Petovan e7fdf3c0c3
Merge pull request #10630 from annando/cleared-enotify 5 months ago
Michael Vogel 9aca4b515f
Merge pull request #10628 from MrPetovan/bug/fatal-errors 5 months ago
Hypolite Petovan ceeb246128 Remove Profile::load from Module\HCard 5 months ago
Hypolite Petovan 8f0e36d617 Raise an Exception when Profile::load is profided the system user nickname 5 months ago
Hypolite Petovan e155821d7a Set profile fields for system user in Model\User::getOwnerDataById 5 months ago
Michael a3c3fd13fb Updated "messages.po" 5 months ago
Michael 429a724bc1 Unused parts of the old notification system are removed 5 months ago
Hypolite Petovan 0651ace4e4
Merge pull request #10627 from annando/like-announce 5 months ago
Michael c78b7f45c5 Reliably diasplay "like" and "share" notifications 5 months ago
Michael Vogel 91e752e217
Merge pull request #10622 from tobiasd/20210823-de 5 months ago
Tobias Diekershoff 12d8715a51 DE translation updats 5 months ago
Hypolite Petovan 2108be7e07
Merge pull request #10619 from nupplaphil/task/guzzlehttp 5 months ago
Philipp ff2d85b703
Initialize $curlOptions[CURLOPT_HTTPHEADER] outside of the checks 5 months ago
Philipp c3eca0cfae
Remove legacy header-parsing for guzzle 5 months ago
Hypolite Petovan e7f25f2bee
Merge pull request #10620 from annando/new-notifications 5 months ago
Michael e9c63ff075 Added "follow" subscription message 5 months ago
Michael 59045b2e23 Added handling another situation 5 months ago
Michael 4f1e61457d Fetch the user's post if present 5 months ago
Michael 42de5c77d0 The desktop notifications have been reworked 5 months ago
Philipp 8f13319c73
remove unused $redirect parameter 5 months ago
Philipp 9eba32226c
make CS happy :) 5 months ago
Philipp 653d49cb92
Fix getHeader() 5 months ago
Philipp 65ca164487
A lot of Fixings 5 months ago
Philipp 06371d29a6
Cleanup 5 months ago
Philipp a338e4cbff
Update src/Network/GuzzleResponse.php 5 months ago
Philipp 756f57f198
Revert "Use last entry for Content-Type 5 months ago
Philipp 50e2478189
Remove unnecessary exception message (avoid log flooding) 5 months ago
Philipp 1995feff61
Fix redirect logging 5 months ago
Philipp 26401e88b8
IHTTPResult::getContentType is now a string again 5 months ago
Philipp 82f767f2ee
Fix Content-Type for `CurlResult` class 5 months ago
Philipp 803c1d71de
Fix IHTTPResult::getHeader() 5 months ago
Philipp 3c074ab315
HTTPRequest: Replace getInfo() with new parameter 'content_length' 5 months ago
Philipp 89f718ec72
Use CurlResult for failed HTTPRequests (legacy usage) 5 months ago
Philipp dee1899628
Fix IHTTPResult::getHeader/s() 5 months ago
Philipp a60ca4a1cf
Use Guzzle for HTTPRequest and Result 5 months ago
Philipp 05ecd1e3d4
Replace IHTTPResult for CurlResult usages 5 months ago
Philipp 7009d90add
Introduce IHTTPResult Interface as abstraction for CurlResult 5 months ago
Philipp 3e5ac1ad5d
Add guzzlehttp/guzzle as composer requirement 5 months ago
Hypolite Petovan 632d1024f7
Merge pull request #10309 from fabrixxm/feature/advanced-logsview 5 months ago
fabrixxm 3766204b05 Fix code standard 5 months ago
fabrixxm 7f695197aa Fix review points 5 months ago
Michael Vogel 1d5427aca8
Merge pull request #10618 from MrPetovan/task/10603-ap-string-mentions 5 months ago