8 Commits (2f46675a89b1dcb453654be4be2117114a3d0a65)

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Olaf Conradi 0c31ca6c29 Backport Nginx sample config from Red to Friendica 9 years ago
Olaf Conradi 492a42eebe Add ttf and svg to skip the front controller 10 years ago
Olaf Conradi c490074589 Typos 10 years ago
Olaf Conradi 30b5e08eb6 Fix rewrite rules to pass arguments 10 years ago
Olaf Conradi b38b62f759 Modify nginx sample to a real config file 10 years ago
friendica 6faadc9662 anybody can see the "remove category" link, though it doesn't do anything if you aren't the owner. Can't believe this has gone so long without being reported. 10 years ago
friendica 6fb49a4de9 nginx config update 10 years ago
friendica 5d757b0668 add sample nginx config from Olaf Conradi to mods directory 10 years ago