494 Commits (2a8826273269524e90acd920a084bffc8acda0e4)

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Philipp c06ba3a7c9
Update db version 4 months ago
Philipp b798ca2da6
Force "Database" as default storage backend 4 months ago
Michael c1f849c389 Unneeded legacy DFRN table removed 4 months ago
Michael 6668066099 The legacy OAuth server is removed 4 months ago
Michael 110f8018eb Issue 10519: check for tables and fields before applying changes 4 months ago
Michael 4955670e15 Linefeed added 5 months ago
Michael d267ba999c We now use the new account-user-view (and fixed the function name) 5 months ago
Michael 0ab24510ef Centzralized functionality to update and publish profile changes 6 months ago
Hypolite Petovan 57d5a47042 Ensure task parameters is an array with at least 1 element in update_1404() 6 months ago
Michael 6fe916a390 API: improved mail handling 6 months ago
Michael 69f6b73033 Only delete "post-user" when it is has got the wrong structure 7 months ago
Michael 688e056ad1 "post-reason" ends double usage of "post-type" 8 months ago
Balázs Úr 054c301ef0 Update copyright 8 months ago
Michael 5f48d6497e Fix slow queries 9 months ago
Michael c247d5fbeb The item table is now completely removed 10 months ago
Hypolite Petovan 7de03eb13f [Database version 1402] Rework parsed_url table 10 months ago
Michael e2e87c7ad8 Ensure that the thread-user-data does exist 10 months ago
Michael e1c79a41d9 We now don't store in the "item" table anymore 10 months ago
Michael ce6ad1aa73 Get rid of the "item" table, enhanced "post" tables 10 months ago
Michael f1377ce7fb Issue 9906: Improved view speed 10 months ago
Michael 4e192dede5 EOL added 10 months ago
Michael 5e846dd7c2 The thread table is replaced by post-thread and post-thread-user 10 months ago
Michael e561cad844 "participation" is removed since it is unused 10 months ago
Michael 9f37a4d9a0 Rearranged order of update calls 10 months ago
Michael b26157e6e3 Update function for "post-user-notification" 10 months ago
Michael c1d99d6c4c Most user-item traces removed 10 months ago
Michael 15162b4027 New table "post-thread-user" 10 months ago
Michael c3398511b4 New table "post-content" 10 months ago
Michael 9a9674d5fb New "post-user" structure, new update functionality 10 months ago
Hypolite Petovan 82e094179c Rename notify classes according the feature name, not the table name 10 months ago
Michael 4157db5473 "item" is replaced by "post-view" / postupdate check added 11 months ago
Michael 65c8f33754 Post class introduced in "mod" and "include" 11 months ago
Michael a119c030fd Add some more tables to remove orphans 11 months ago
Michael 9ba2bd0736 Ensure to only execute this if the table exists 11 months ago
Michael 2f52afeeac Issue 9746: Delete uri-id orphans 11 months ago
Michael 818c064c0a The notifications parameters are now simplified 1 year ago
Michael 3f3e5245df Fix the databae update 1 year ago
Michael 303aaa00ca Mode switch for insert 1 year ago
Michael 3af5f6b8ee Some more foreign keys added 1 year ago
Michael eaa58da25b New table "post-user" and more foreign keys 1 year ago
Hypolite Petovan c98da63041 [Database version 1375] Add update method to populate missing item.thr-parent values 1 year ago
Roland Häder c4a20613a8
Ops! 1 year ago
Roland Häder 32e9a4d4d7
Some fixes: 1 year ago
Michael d25050b9c8 Added newline at the end of the file 1 year ago
Michael 104c4bd734 More foreign keys added, one removed 1 year ago
Michael 88eee2b9c1 Another foreign key added 1 year ago
Michael 89fbc6bb8d Foreign keys added 1 year ago
Michael dcfde52e7f The table "item-delivery-data" does not exist on newer systems 1 year ago
Michael cbdaf6298a New foreign key for the "photo" table 1 year ago
Michael cfd8190872 IIntroduce pre update function for PR 8927 1 year ago