67 Commits (20043914e6111ba53df85e1efd3389c99d37302f)

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  Hypolite Petovan 20043914e6 Move App to src 4 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan 7b352f3f74 Revert "Coding convention applied - part 1" 4 years ago
  Roland Häder ed0d858f98
added spaces + some curly braces 4 years ago
  Roland Häder 951006dd10
more spaces + some curly spaces added 4 years ago
  Roland Häder 41a36606c6
added spaces + some curly braces 4 years ago
  Michael 1a436264cd Some standards 4 years ago
  Sandro Santilli 0b46a5f935 Standards: add braces 4 years ago
  Sandro Santilli cbaf196f50 Only remove the "remember me" cookie at submitting the auth form 4 years ago
  Sandro Santilli df6304cc42 Fix "remember me" cookie for OpenID logins 4 years ago
  Michael 0afb0c2ea4 NULL_DATE is now a constant 4 years ago
  Hypolite Petovan 87eb3d5ef2 Normalize App parameter declaration (doc-include folders, boot) 4 years ago
  Roland Häder 70a042fd04
added more curly braces + space between "if" and brace 4 years ago
  Roland Häder de689583e2 added more curly braces + space between "if" and brace 4 years ago
  Roland Häder 4b221d216e added more curly braces + space between "if" and brace 4 years ago
  Roland Häder e1f3661645 *much* more usage of App::get_baseurl() instead of $a->get_baseurl() (coding convention applied) 4 years ago
  Roland Häder 884f44ce94 *much* more usage of App::get_baseurl() instead of $a->get_baseurl() (coding convention applied) 4 years ago
  Roland Häder a905522eb5 Cleanup for #3010 - added spaces, thanks to @annando . 4 years ago
  Roland Häder 6a8a36f12d More usage of dbm::is_result($r) instead of count($r): 4 years ago
  Tobias Diekershoff aba8313b21 don't save browser selected language on login 5 years ago
  Roland Haeder 3e701b90ac
Continued rewriting: 5 years ago
  Michael Vogel 5d1bd96076 Set the login date for every identity of the user. 6 years ago
  Michael Vogel 8392217b72 Fixing SQL problem and speeding up search. 7 years ago
  Michael Vogel 6e7bd68ebb More "LIMIT 1" removed - and some other SQL improvements. 7 years ago
  Michael Vogel 6b8585d48d Database stuff. New table "thread". Changing "left join" to "inner join", removing "limit 1" at update and delete. 7 years ago
  friendica 133ef9155d don't allow deleted accounts to appear on "manage" page 8 years ago
  Zach Prezkuta 09a2786882 fix bug that wouldn't show posts to a user who was in an allowed group when individual contacts were also specified in the permissions 8 years ago
  Zach Prezkuta 2635c59c83 don't block private posts to logged in users on the local hub 8 years ago
  friendica 38238972b5 really nitty permission tweaking 8 years ago
  Zach Prezkuta ac164cfca8 refresh login time every 12 hours for 'Remember me' 9 years ago
  friendica 02251f23df undefined fn: init_groups_visitor in mod_profile, rev update 9 years ago
  Zach Prezkuta 34081010ff allow contact if in allowed group, even if not in non-empty allowed contacts 9 years ago
  Zach Prezkuta 77529ccdf1 allow individual choice of mobile themes 9 years ago
  friendica 4cd8233f61 remote_user can now support multiple contacts being logged in at once 9 years ago
  friendica 3811fe288f rename get_language() to get_browser_language() 9 years ago
  Vasudev Kamath 8465ad6e1e Few more files with unnecessary executable permissions 9 years ago
  Tobias Hößl 720c8324c7 Some Bugfixes, and variable checks 9 years ago
  Simon L'nu 6278b2a923 string fix: typo. slow down scroll to top in dispys 9 years ago
  friendica bb8beb26b4 use zrl to get home again 9 years ago
  Tobias Hößl 0341078a73 Existing photos could not be used as profile photos anymore - should be fixed now. And some extra logging in the CSRF-Protection to make debugging easier 9 years ago
  Tobias Hößl 453b5b46a3 CSRF-Protection in the group-related form (creating, renaming and dropping a group, adding/removing members from it) 9 years ago
  Tobias Hößl 59766b944c Some security against XSRF-attacks 9 years ago
  friendica 312c175045 bug in check for private email comment to public conversation prevents authenticated visitor from seeing comments that should be allowed 9 years ago
  friendica dd3b3c2454 revup 9 years ago
  friendica 7ad2dd6565 fix photos after permissions_sql change 9 years ago
  friendica 88cd5800cf [privacy] rework latest fix 9 years ago
  friendica c37ffd2999 can_write_wall documentation 9 years ago
  friendica 5161be67e9 logging of manage identities 9 years ago
  friendica 94b9e9ce6d for people whose DB's are not updating 9 years ago
  friendica 167ab537b5 backend for delegating forums 9 years ago
  friendica 8aa2552372 add remove_user hook (it looks like dreamhost changed all my file permissions, this will make a nasty commit) 9 years ago