155 Commits (13827edd2cb6632a13ca983fe8c47cf679eaf4dc)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Michael 13827edd2c New photo field "photo-type" as preparation for banners 3 months ago
Michael 2c134c5229 `q` is now completely removed 3 months ago
Michael a32c10b354 Simplifid query 3 months ago
Michael 3972fe62fe More replaced "q" calls 3 months ago
Hypolite Petovan 7cdd2d1336 Refactor User::getAvatarUrlForId into getAvatarUrl 4 months ago
Philipp fc46744183
Fix Photo::delete() 4 months ago
Philipp 13a91e63aa
Rename DI::httpRequest() into DI::httpClient() 5 months ago
Philipp 06371d29a6
Cleanup 5 months ago
Philipp 26401e88b8
IHTTPResult::getContentType is now a string again 5 months ago
Philipp 803c1d71de
Fix IHTTPResult::getHeader() 5 months ago
Philipp 02a4d30f7d
Add todo for later 5 months ago
Philipp c17bc55158
Introduce InvalidClassStorageException and adapt the code for it 5 months ago
Philipp d0536ebea7
Rename ISelectableStorage to IWritableStorage 5 months ago
Philipp eb035771f1
Revert Photo::getImageDataForPhoto return-type change 5 months ago
Philipp 29c7552df5
Refactor IStorage 6 months ago
Michael 929de9081e All needed fields are now filled 6 months ago
Michael 2647514603 Detection of local requests 6 months ago
Michael ec49afa116 Guess the mimetype in advance 7 months ago
Michael 2f06d271bb Use a default value for "uid" 7 months ago
Michael a1a584f444 External resources are cacheable 7 months ago
Michael 6f350c1e59 Use signed requests for fetching private images 7 months ago
Michael 9276f6823b New class for external resources 7 months ago
Michael 14c1f7167a API: We now can upload photos 8 months ago
Michael 4b12c54345 API: photos are now directly stored as attached data and not in the body anymore 9 months ago
Michael 087a17b43d Issue 10105: Use legacy photo data field if used 10 months ago
Balázs Úr 054c301ef0 Update copyright 10 months ago
Michael Vogel 0539c788ef
Update src/Model/Photo.php 10 months ago
Michael e98d11a9ae Limit the size of contact avatars 10 months ago
Michael 49919b5b1d Issue 10050: Improve photo deletions 10 months ago
Michael 997319a41f Use the raw data instead of an object 1 year ago
Michael 7f56e2e7a9 Improve photo loading speed 1 year ago
Michael a49a35f459 Centralized fetching of the default avatar 1 year ago
Philipp a6fc9cd32e
Remove $binary flag for HTTPRequest::get(), HTTPRequest::fetch(), HTTPRequest::fetchAll() (deprecated since PHP 5.1.3) 1 year ago
Philipp 0449077126
Revert "Fix IHTTPResult::getHeader() - Now returns a string array, like expected - Fix usages - Fix dataset" 1 year ago
Philipp 40349bfdc4
Revert "IHTTPResult::getContentType is now a string again" 1 year ago
Philipp 40b11442c2
IHTTPResult::getContentType is now a string again 1 year ago
Philipp 80bd0a4d5a
Fix IHTTPResult::getHeader() 1 year ago
Philipp 8318a0b640
Move ExAuth, FKOAuth1 & FKOAuthDataStore to own namespace `Friendica\Security` 1 year ago
Michael ce2af84cba Use a constant for the contact photos / dom't cache them 1 year ago
Michael d9fc0ae0ea Using a constant value for the default avatar 1 year ago
nupplaPhil 7029012f27 Rename "HTTPRequest::curl()" to HTTPRequest::get() 2 years ago
nupplaPhil 2973ed6448 Make "HTTPRequest::curl" dynamic 2 years ago
nupplaPhil 5344efef71 Move post/curl/fetchUrl/fetchUrlFull to own class "Network\HTTPRequest" 2 years ago
Michael d3722c945b Improved Mime Type detection 2 years ago
Michael fc7ac75ba4 Issue 8371: More enhanced logging 2 years ago
Michael f8d20b365f We should use "self" 2 years ago
Michael 2c6c6579af Issue 8371: Enhanced logging for picture problem 2 years ago
Michael 6de2b0f6d4 Reworked permission stuff 2 years ago
Michael 7863406080 Prevent "null" permissions on photos 2 years ago
Michael 88522fc832 Set the picture accesibility separate from the permissions 2 years ago