98 Commits (097c1f8da774c82f441f370f391f93acc2025ccd)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Friendika 097c1f8da7 do not poll for abandoned accounts 10 years ago
  Friendika ec16525c86 expire expired accounts from poller 10 years ago
  Friendika d6b446d63f starting the big delivery shakeup 10 years ago
  Friendika 2aef98f71d cripple account when expired 10 years ago
  Friendika 56d64316f4 diaspora photos ? 10 years ago
  Friendika 5b24050875 split off facebook and other cron hooks from poller 10 years ago
  Friendika 04b59ac49a enhanced email privacy 10 years ago
  Friendika 684ebd2ed8 enhance random_string, block public email replies 10 years ago
  Friendika ee6806d82b never enough comments 10 years ago
  Friendika 48ffa880f0 cleanup 10 years ago
  Friendika d28d2ff440 better (more consistent) handling of ostatus contacts 10 years ago
  Friendika c08b85777a too much logging 10 years ago
  Friendika 481cd708ac allow polling to mostly survive minor memory shortages. 10 years ago
  Friendika 994011ddb6 load db configs (config,system) for all "executables" 10 years ago
  Friendika 0b221e8945 bug #96 move libraries to library - better alignment of like rotator 10 years ago
  Friendika e51e772abc typo in email delete sql, add message sender to body for better handling of mailing lists 10 years ago
  Friendika 245a56f0c1 lots of facebook fixes 10 years ago
  Friendika a0179235d2 provide a way to disable mailbox integration 10 years ago
  Friendika 1e967eddb7 multi-user, do not cache open mbox 10 years ago
  Friendika b81eefbffb sv language had unquoted quotes in strings 10 years ago
  Friendika ab099e9102 email integration, cont. 10 years ago
  Friendika 863ddf1676 mail changes 10 years ago
  Friendika 27cbb830a7 more work on email contacts 10 years ago
  Friendika 8b323b566f set writable flag on all stat contacts with notify link 10 years ago
  Friendika 3d51518a13 set writable flag on dfrn_poll 10 years ago
  Friendika 793967a1d3 better handling of troublesome feeds. 10 years ago
  Friendika b5bcf44354 profile not set 10 years ago
  Friendika 0fe997490d dfrn remote profile protocol revision 10 years ago
  Friendika 04cd865cc9 placeholder arg in dfrn conversations 10 years ago
  Friendika f01538a54f content expiration 10 years ago
  Friendika 32e96d2647 reload plugins if they change 10 years ago
  Friendika 216f038456 icon changes, feed security improvements 10 years ago
  Friendika 755c2245e8 move php path setting inside proc_run 10 years ago
  Friendika b96d6c015b fix contact photo updates - a result of baseurl being wrong for cmdline processes 11 years ago
  Friendika 147d7f3bbf theme name cleanup - rename default to loozah, provide sane fallbacks and change system primary theme. 11 years ago
  Friendika 0a32370e32 silence php notices about $manual_id not being defined 11 years ago
  Fabio Comuni 3dbca2a804 delete old cache in poller.php 11 years ago
  Friendika 3eefe8b500 more ssl_policy cleanup, allow manual feed update per contact when hub is whacked, log feed parse errors 11 years ago
  Friendika a598f17e6d wrong ref in ssl policy 11 years ago
  Fabio Comuni ef33ca6750 modded scripts to be runned in cli so they can be included and executed in main program 11 years ago
  fabrixxm 2020ea23b1 Mods to script runned via CLI to permits to run also included 11 years ago
  Friendika 5be98e3ec8 following random feeds 11 years ago
  Friendika 461625e378 new network types 11 years ago
  Friendika 028460a5c1 tracking errant bin2hex call 11 years ago
  Friendika b2176538f4 add page start/end hooks, cleanup couple of notice msgs 11 years ago
  fabrixxm c061603746 import items from feeds in inverse date order 11 years ago
  Friendika 5b1fde8b0f allow configurable poll interval override when hub is used 11 years ago
  Friendika e09d164882 ignore malformed xml before it hits the parser. 11 years ago
  Friendika cce7380756 more optimising when confronted with dead servers 11 years ago
  Friendika 60ef474d46 log queue startup 11 years ago