10 Commits (develop)

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Philipp 58eea1adaa
Cleanup namespaces 3 months ago
Philipp b216317477
Refactoring Core class structures ... 3 months ago
Philipp a361a1af6a
Replace `assertContains()` for string assertions 8 months ago
Philipp 02e6dff6a0
Fix tests 10 months ago
Philipp d55ecb9288
Fix a lot of notices/warnings/deprecation notes in the test directory 1 year ago
Philipp efaec26b1d
Fix wrong `$this->assert...()` with `self::assert...() 1 year ago
Philipp 30bc65e81e
Remove whitespace before ":" of mail headers 1 year ago
Philipp fae7256d82
wrong annotation for preserverGlobalState .. 1 year ago
Philipp 3eaaf716e9
just log double message IDs, don't discard the email 1 year ago
Philipp e2b736d0a9
Fix phpmailer (Case sensitive Check) 1 year ago