484 Commits (develop)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Philipp befd5c860d
Fix headers (string to array) and make sure the signature doesn't change 4 weeks ago
Philipp f2dcc2788d
Add Test for HTTPSignature::createSig() 4 weeks ago
Philipp d4a233a149
Extend test capability for HTTP Requests 4 weeks ago
Philipp c7f54d83ce
Introduce DiceTestTrait for partial mocking DI:: calls 4 weeks ago
Philipp 3eb2abdb2a
Adapt tests 4 weeks ago
Philipp 52c7948526
Create HTTPClientFactory and introduce ImageTest 4 weeks ago
Philipp 26401e88b8
IHTTPResult::getContentType is now a string again 1 month ago
Philipp 82f767f2ee
Fix Content-Type for `CurlResult` class 1 month ago
Philipp dee1899628
Fix IHTTPResult::getHeader/s() 1 month ago
Philipp 05ecd1e3d4
Replace IHTTPResult for CurlResult usages 1 month ago
fabrixxm 7f695197aa Fix review points 1 month ago
Hypolite Petovan 940a9b2505 Add test for issue #10617 1 month ago
fabrixxm 5520f100b2 Fix `ParsedLogIteratorTest::setUp()` 1 month ago
fabrixxm dd2abc7aff Fix code standard 1 month ago
fabrixxm ce0d7616cc Add tests for ParsedLogIterator 1 month ago
fabrixxm a62124285d Add tests for ParsedLog and fix parsing 2 months ago
Hypolite Petovan 42c21df118 Add tests for a couple of static methods of Protocol\ActivityPub\Processor 1 month ago
Philipp 1901716479
Lower complexity for valid backends (replace hashmap with a "simple" name array) 1 month ago
Philipp c17bc55158
Introduce InvalidClassStorageException and adapt the code for it 1 month ago
Philipp d0536ebea7
Rename ISelectableStorage to IWritableStorage 1 month ago
Philipp 470ba8b61b
Fixup Database behaviour 1 month ago
Philipp 90c99520bb
Fix Storage Exceptions 2 months ago
Philipp 29c7552df5
Refactor IStorage 2 months ago
Michael ab24f58bad Parser is now session 2 months ago
Michael dd4f270b11 And again 2 months ago
Michael 3a230bedd5 And again 2 months ago
Michael e53289d3f3 Again 2 months ago
Michael 9ce43ad21d Tests 2 months ago
Michael c89533a70b Support for stacked profiler analysis 2 months ago
Michael 2b41b322bc Tests 2 months ago
Michael 5a87ccf026 Getter/Setter for theme info 2 months ago
Michael c52b8595e8 theme infos are now bundled in a single array 2 months ago
Michael 52378eb298 Fighting with the tests 2 months ago
Michael 12c63c9b97 Tests 2 months ago
Michael 0dd0de1eb3 Init class 2 months ago
Michael 4b5eb055c8 Tests 2 months ago
Michael 2aa2c61479 Lock before recreate / fix cache key misspelling 2 months ago
Michael a06d699480 Item cache related functionality removed 3 months ago
Hypolite Petovan 681c7c0187 Add ExternalStorage dependency to StorageManager 3 months ago
Michael 3e303fb366 Test file uploads 4 months ago
Michael ca5fd01f75 Transmit encoding, deactivated file test 4 months ago
Michael db9ebccdc0 File test 4 months ago
Michael 44e2404c63 Fixed content type 4 months ago
Michael d650ea1bde Test without the file 4 months ago
Michael c322a424ad Indentation 4 months ago
Michael c582729eae Whitespace 4 months ago
Michael 3dc5912886 Test with file (will fail) 4 months ago
Michael 70d93d7e4f Reverting previous commit 4 months ago
Michael f151b4571d Media ids with content 4 months ago
Michael e706f82a3c Whitespaces 4 months ago