409 Commits (develop)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Michael 99a145f7cf Fixes several database errors, removes "relation" handling 2 months ago
  Michael e3c690dca1 Use "pdo_emulate_prepares" by default 2 months ago
  Michael dc18ba33f0 Fix PR #9949 2 months ago
  Michael 1792046a4f post/thread views are renamed, search bugs fixed 2 months ago
  Michael eb07089088 More missing indexes 2 months ago
  Michael dacf36d05a Another missing index 2 months ago
  Michael 454fbc8ad7 Queries without indexes 2 months ago
  Michael d78cf95495 Added index, join order fixed 2 months ago
  Michael bb59ca4de8 Added mistakenly removed field 2 months ago
  Michael 92a8a399de Improved indexes, avoiding SQL errors, improving speed 2 months ago
  Michael c247d5fbeb The item table is now completely removed 2 months ago
  Hypolite Petovan 3859b7ba10 Move /parse_url module to /parseurl 2 months ago
  Hypolite Petovan 7de03eb13f [Database version 1402] Rework parsed_url table 2 months ago
  Michael 312c01a517 Several speed improvements (magiclink, caching, indexes) 2 months ago
  Michael 60a6dfa23c Fix several database issues 2 months ago
  Michael 649901f3ea Network update does work now again 2 months ago
  Michael 1778e57baf Missing field in view 2 months ago
  Michael 36357e790e "id" is now post-user-id 2 months ago
  Michael 07c07ec499 More "item" traces removed 2 months ago
  Michael ce6ad1aa73 Get rid of the "item" table, enhanced "post" tables 2 months ago
  Michael cb92f1334f Rearranged field definition 2 months ago
  Michael f1377ce7fb Issue 9906: Improved view speed 2 months ago
  Michael ab5a447bc2 The "thread" table isn't used anymore 2 months ago
  Michael 5e846dd7c2 The thread table is replaced by post-thread and post-thread-user 3 months ago
  Michael e561cad844 "participation" is removed since it is unused 3 months ago
  Michael df24c0daeb User-Item table is replaced 3 months ago
  Michael b26157e6e3 Update function for "post-user-notification" 3 months ago
  Michael 4c1812a1eb Improved notification description 3 months ago
  Michael 8c9346fc12 New table "post-user-notification" 3 months ago
  Michael 08317036e7 List of deprecated fields is checked 3 months ago
  Michael c1d99d6c4c Most user-item traces removed 3 months ago
  Hypolite Petovan 15e9f219e7 Add new item/{id}/follow module and POST route 3 months ago
  Hypolite Petovan b31fc3bfa9 Move GET starred/{id} to POST item/{id}/star 3 months ago
  Michael 15162b4027 New table "post-thread-user" 3 months ago
  Hypolite Petovan 6d31c11e57 Move GET item/ignore/{id} to POST item/{id}/ignore 3 months ago
  Hypolite Petovan 151db1104a Move GET /like/{id} to POST /item/{id}/activity/{verb} 3 months ago
  Hypolite Petovan 188f7b0eb0 Move GET pinned/{id} to POST item/{id}/pin 3 months ago
  Michael c3398511b4 New table "post-content" 3 months ago
  Michael 9a9674d5fb New "post-user" structure, new update functionality 3 months ago
  Extarys 5d1d7dfbe5 style: R::GET alignment, cause it's beautiful 3 months ago
  Extarys b2d0d9200e add route for webmanifest 3 months ago
  Hypolite Petovan 5a949911ba Add trusted browsers user setting module 3 months ago
  Hypolite Petovan b633d75e6c [Database version 1394] Add 2fa_trusted_browser table 3 months ago
  Michael d2ea3eabfb Replace legacy file/category handling 3 months ago
  Michael a773a72eaa The "icid" field is deprecated 3 months ago
  Michael b892db0cf3 All item selects are now done by the post class 3 months ago
  Michael 2d0443a109 Avoid duplicates in post-view 3 months ago
  Michael f9430175c6 Avoid multiple lines in post-view, added thread view 3 months ago
  Michael 4157db5473 "item" is replaced by "post-view" / postupdate check added 3 months ago
  Michael 608d3b2b32 The view can be made simpler 3 months ago