7220 Commits (develop)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Michael a33185f835 Use a constant for the profile photo album 2 days ago
Michael 13827edd2c New photo field "photo-type" as preparation for banners 5 days ago
Michael 39907103f8 Fix test 6 days ago
Michael 2c134c5229 `q` is now completely removed 6 days ago
Michael 56f033fa95 Some more "q" calls handled 1 week ago
Michael 3972fe62fe More replaced "q" calls 1 week ago
Michael Vogel e1ac33576a
Apply suggestions from code review 2 weeks ago
Michael b0bf4b4359 Some more "q" calls and deprecated logging replaced 2 weeks ago
Michael 62ece3131c Fix query 2 weeks ago
Michael 763e264196 More "q" calls have been replaced 2 weeks ago
Hypolite Petovan 4f42522ebc Simplify Depository\Notify->selectAllForUser parameters 4 weeks ago
Hypolite Petovan 8a1a2f658c Create new DI shorthands for notification-related factories 4 weeks ago
Hypolite Petovan 7a2d5f6a8e Move notification to the new paradigm 4 weeks ago
Hypolite Petovan bf81f21001 Rename Model\Post\UserNotifications type constants 4 weeks ago
Hypolite Petovan 47acb6a278 Move notify to the new paradigm 4 weeks ago
Hypolite Petovan c4a4473cd0 Remove the obsolete parameter $two_way from terminateFriendship methods 2 weeks ago
Hypolite Petovan 797391e1d8 Rework contact termination to separate protocol-level and contact-level 3 weeks ago
Michael 4e5116cf7e API: No special handling for Diaspora reshares 2 weeks ago
Hypolite Petovan 6836b1ea78 Limit /redir links to private posts 3 weeks ago
Michael 0ad904c185 The conversation functionality moved to a class 3 weeks ago
Michael 9c73e49db7 Make posts on the profile page writable 4 weeks ago
Hypolite Petovan 9a0c3cc834 Simplify max_data parameter for Temporal::getDateTimeField 1 month ago
Michael 7a51a7f6c6 Avoid duplicated filed posts 1 month ago
Philipp a65fbcebe7
Fixing #10699 (prohibits blocking and ignoreing from the photo menu) 1 month ago
Michael 9c14eb0c6b Use centralized function to update contact entries 1 month ago
Hypolite Petovan 3e677414d5 Check for user array key before using it in include/conversation 1 month ago
Michael 429a724bc1 Unused parts of the old notification system are removed 2 months ago
Michael c78b7f45c5 Reliably diasplay "like" and "share" notifications 2 months ago
Michael 42de5c77d0 The desktop notifications have been reworked 2 months ago
Michael 473adaf463 Mark, file and starring does now work for all items 2 months ago
Michael c81e81dc8d "getUserId" is now "getLoggedInUserId" 2 months ago
Michael 15b93b4459 "getUserNickname" is now "getLoggedInUserNickname" 2 months ago
Michael b8fa75b2dd Changed function name 2 months ago
Michael 28090bd793 Get rid of App->user completely 2 months ago
Michael fc283ab928 Remove direct calls to App->user 2 months ago
Michael e940b1f047 Fix multiple display problems in conversations 2 months ago
Michael Vogel c73130aa6b Create the Diaspora signature for the correct user 2 months ago
Michael 2e2d1bf81d Added option to define a schedule date when posting items 3 months ago
Michael 9641944c4f Improved conversation performance 3 months ago
Michael c89533a70b Support for stacked profiler analysis 3 months ago
Michael 540ddb9265 Hopefully making the tests to work 3 months ago
Michael 68496f6e15 Reverting api.php because of tests 3 months ago
Michael 0c0abd9238 Replaced argv/argc with replacement functions 3 months ago
Michael b4aa796e75 The user isn't used in the template 3 months ago
Michael 2502a9192d Many more app-variables removed 3 months ago
Michael afe3c8954c Simplified functionality to load the profile in the sidebar 3 months ago
Michael b5f59d5be0 API: Support for deprecated API endpoints and OAuth removal 3 months ago
Michael 6668066099 The legacy OAuth server is removed 3 months ago
Michael 3a5523820c Legacy DFRN transport layer is removed 3 months ago
Michael 07d2dfcd60 Some more "convertForUriId" replacements 3 months ago