33 Commits (develop)

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Philipp 970b8b3b31
Remove github workflows 5 months ago
Philipp f1e268ee0a
remove GitHub Action for PHP tests 6 months ago
Philipp 52a5232487
Enable PHP-CS Check per Drone 6 months ago
Philipp c642062aa0
Enable PHP linting per Drone 6 months ago
Philipp 57bba711dc
Switch messages.po check to drone 6 months ago
Philipp ab6c0ede17
Enable workflow for releases only 6 months ago
Philipp d663ff529a
Automatic release artifact generation 6 months ago
Philipp 943f965f59
Fix Transifex 6 months ago
Philipp fcc3d028a9
Adjust diff mechanism 7 months ago
Philipp 0148ffe0d7
Add auto messages.po updater 7 months ago
Philipp def3eae450
Adjust PHP-CS Fixer 7 months ago
Philipp 6217041753
Add "--diff" for php-cs-fixer 7 months ago
Philipp f25d4dc2a6
Use action for changed files 7 months ago
Philipp 3f2d5c4111
Setup php-cs-fixer 7 months ago
Philipp a14888c964
Add native php linting into CI 7 months ago
Philipp 37237b32b5
Remove php-parallel-lint 7 months ago
Philipp 7b7322a90a
Remove PHPUnit dependency & create shell-script with description for it 7 months ago
Philipp f6093fb869
Remove 7.2 PHP Unit-Test support 7 months ago
Philipp 8cab5edea9
Enable PHP 8.0 Auto-Test 7 months ago
Hypolite Petovan 403c9e456e
[Actions] Downgrade Composer to v1 1 year ago
Philipp b4624f87ae
Activate redis 1 year ago
Philipp 7ce12dbc41
Take bug templat from https://github.com/friendica/friendica/issues/9235#issue-704864632 1 year ago
Philipp 2be9d0a67b
Add github issue config 1 year ago
Philipp a81dce394d
Github issue templates 1 year ago
Hypolite Petovan b14b334ca9
Remove pull_request_review from CI triggers 1 year ago
Philipp 6ad27183a1
Fix Cache tests 1 year ago
Philipp 16591077ac
Fix Database $_SERVER usage and remove old .travis files 1 year ago
Philipp 0b98d67b80
Enable Github Actions 1 year ago
Tobias Diekershoff 25981e8a22
Update issue_template.md 4 years ago
Tobias Diekershoff cec0fc189f
Update issue_template.md 4 years ago
Tobias Diekershoff 1a186d88b9
Update issue_template.md 4 years ago
Tobias Diekershoff 4fb258a97e
added template for issues at github 4 years ago