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fabrixxm 6 years ago
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Version 3.4
#TODO List changes.
Optionally, "like" and "dislike" activities don't update thread timestamp (annando)
Updated markdown libraries (annando)
Updated jQuery (StefOfficiel)
Cache zrl verification requests to prevent DSoS (issue #1453) (annando)
"Verify SSL" options affects also VERIFYHOST (annando)
Better handling of hashtags (annando)
Updated translations (translation teams, tobias)
Access a contact directly from the contact-manager-page (FlxAlbroscheit)
Reworked GUID generation, remove db store (annando)
Improve search for tags and terms (annando)
Fix OAuth signature (thorsten23)
Fix utf8 characters in items (issue #1307) (hauke)
Ignore tag-likes char sequences in code blocks (issue #1041) (fabrixxm)
Fix sending email to CC recipients (issue #1437) (fabrixxm)
Fix signature check of likes from diaspora (issue #905) (mike, annando)
Fix pagination urls (issue #1341) (fabrixxm)
Add scheme if missing in "web link" dialog (issue #1362) (fabrixxm)
Don't detect Facebook and RSS feeds as contacts (issue #1432) (annando)
Add cli command to generate database.sql from scheme description (issue #1370) (fabrixxm)
Fix warning trying to creating already existing itemcache dir (pztrn)
Send update to directory when account is removed (issue #1038) (annando)
Fix settings page's aside menu visibility (issue #1459) (fabrixxm)
Version 3.3.3
More separation between php and html in photo album (issue #1258) (rabuzarus)
Enhanced community page shows public posts from public contacts of public profiles (annando)
Support for IndieAuth/Web-sign-in (hauke)
@ -71,17 +92,17 @@ Version 3.3
added support in the API to allow image uploads from Twidere
support for the diaspora app in Firefox
Stopped support of unmaintained themes. They will continue to work if enabled but are no longer displayed in the list of themes.
Merged all "zero" themes into a theme with variations.
Merged all "zero" themes into a theme with variations.
new default avatar by Andi Stadler
network page as default page after login
sections on users' settings page are now collapsable
automatic updating the network stream was improved
ignoring of threads
for selected contects one can now get notifications when they post something, useful e.g. for forums
@ -89,8 +110,8 @@ Version 3.3
many improvement on all connectors, new connector
the algorithm for shortening postings when posting to limited platforms was improved
improvements for the remote_self functionality for RSS/Atom feeds were done
System stuff
System stuff
no more apc support due problems with PHP 5.5
privacy image cache moved from an addon into the core
updated the following libraries: smarty 3.1.19, fullcalendar 1.6.4, jquery 1.11, jgrowl 1.3.0
@ -103,8 +124,8 @@ Version 3.3
some bugs were fixed for the profile import function
BBCode handling and reformatting to e.g. markdown was improved
Internal PusH server for communication with OStatus contacts
translation now done at transifex as well
"newmemberwidget" adds widget with help links + welcome message to sidebar of network tab for new members
new statistics addon to take part in the Diaspora* survey
@ -113,10 +134,10 @@ Version 3.3
new connector for the buffer service
improvements for the connectors with Twitter, StatusNet/GNU Social,, google+ and facebook
improvements to the cal and jappix-mini addons
Change in the structure of the git repo
The "master" branch will now contain stable stuff and hotfixes.
The new "develop" branch will contain the latest changes.
The new "develop" branch will contain the latest changes.
Version 3.2

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@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ require_once('update.php');
define ( 'FRIENDICA_PLATFORM', 'Friendica');
define ( 'FRIENDICA_CODENAME', 'Ginger');
define ( 'FRIENDICA_CODENAME', 'Lily of the valley');
define ( 'FRIENDICA_VERSION', '3.4.0' );
define ( 'DFRN_PROTOCOL_VERSION', '2.23' );
define ( 'DB_UPDATE_VERSION', 1182 );