improved "friendship accepted" emails enumerating what has

changed in the relationship and what you can do now.
Mike Macgirvin 12 years ago
parent 9a03834cef
commit e583ba0bff
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@ -164,7 +164,9 @@ function dfrn_confirm_post(&$a) {
if((count($r)) && ($r[0]['notify-flags'] & NOTIFY_CONFIRM)) {
$tpl = file_get_contents('view/intro_complete_eml.tpl');
$tpl = (($new_relation == $REL_BUD)
? file_get_contents('view/friend_complete_eml.tpl');
: file_get_contents('view/intro_complete_eml.tpl'));
$email_tpl = replace_macros($tpl, array(
'$sitename' => $a->config['sitename'],
@ -176,7 +178,7 @@ function dfrn_confirm_post(&$a) {
'$uid' => $newuid )
$res = mail($r[0]['email'], t("Introduction accepted at ") . $a->config['sitename'],
$res = mail($r[0]['email'], t("Connection accepted at ") . $a->config['sitename'],
$email_tpl, 'From: ' . t('Administrator') . '@' . $_SERVER[SERVER_NAME] );
if(!$res) {
notice( t("Email notification failed.") . EOL );

@ -0,0 +1,22 @@
Dear $username,
Great news... '$fn' at '$dfrn_url' has accepted
your connection request at '$sitename'.
You are now mutual friends and may exchange status updates, photos, and email
without restriction.
Please visit your 'Contacts' page at $sitename if you wish to make
any changes to this relationship.
[For instance, you may create a separate profile with information that is not
available to the general public - and assign viewing rights to '$fn'].
$sitename Administrator

@ -1,28 +1,30 @@
Dear $username,
An approval was recently processed at $sitename for a personal
introduction you initiated.
I've got good news and bad news... first the good news.
'$fn' at '$dfrn_url' has accepted your connection request at
You are now connected to '$fn' at '$dfrn_url'.
The bad news is that '$fn' did not make you a "full friend",
but rather accepted you as a "fan". [Maybe you were expecting this,
maybe not.]
Your access privileges to this profile MAY have been elevated. Please
view their profile from within your $sitename "Contacts" page going
forward. Should you visit the URL without going through $sitename,
you will only see this person's public profile.
What this means is that '$fn' can communicate with you at any
time and comment on your activities, but your communications to
'$fn' may be restricted. In particular, you do NOT have the
ability to exchange private mail. You are only able to communicate
with '$fn' via your own status updates.
At $sitename, "relationships" are allowed to be one sided. Be advised
that your communications with this person may be partially limited
if they do not request (and you accept) a reciprocal relationship.
In the future, '$fn' MAY decide to seek a full connection and make
a reciprocal request. If you approve such a request, you will then be
considered mutual friends with full communication ability.
You may now send them directed messages, and you also may have the
ability to receive non-public status messages and view otherwise
hidden profiles. Should this turn into a mutual relationship you
will both have this level of access.
The network at $sitename allows many types of relationships -
as opposed to older social networks where friendship is either
"yes" or "no" - with nothing in between.
$sitename Administrator