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## Restoring your DB
Import your database on your new server: ``mysql -p friendica_db < your-friendica_db-file.sql``
## Completing installation process
Ensure your DNS settings point to your new server.
## Completing migration
### Configuration file
Copy your old server's configuration file to ``config/local.config.php``.
Ensure the newly created database credentials are identical to the setting in the configuration file; otherwise update them accordingly.
### Cron job for worker
Set up the required daily cron job.
Run ``crontab -e`` and add the following line according to your system specification
``*/10 * * * * cd /var/www/friendica; /usr/bin/php bin/worker.php``
### DNS settings
Adjust your DNS records by pointing them to your new server.
## Troubleshooting
If you are unable to login to your newly migrated Friendica installation, check your web server's error and access logs and mysql logs for obvious issues.
If still unable to resolve the problem, it's likely an issue with your [installation](Install).
In this case, you may try to an entirely new Friendica installation on your new server, but use a different FQDN and DNS name.
Once you have this up and running, take it offline and purge the database and configuration file and try migrating to this installation.
Complete the installation by adjusting the configuration settings and set up the required daily cron job.