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typo.php - is a crude syntax checker to avoid checking in files with simple
typos. It basically just loads each of our project files at once. Run from
cmdline and see if any parsing errors are reported.
extract.php - extracts translatable strings from our project files. It
currently doesn't pick up strings in other libraries we might be using such as
tinymce, simplepie, and the HTML parsers.
In order for extract to do its job, every use of the t() translation function
must be preceded by one space. The string also can not contain parentheses. If
parens are required in a string, please use hex escapes.
strings.php - a recent run of the strings program. This provides output that
is suitable for direct inclusion in the program once the app has been
There are also translatable strings in the various files in the view
directory. By setting $lang = 'something' in .htconfig.php, the application
will search for view/something/filename prior to the English version in
view/filename when loading templates and view files.