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<a name="ssl"></a>
### Why do I get warnings about SSL certificates?
SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a technology to encrypt data transfer between computers.
@ -41,7 +39,6 @@ These warnings can have three reasons:
We recommend to talk to the admin(s) of the affected friendica server. (Admins, please see the respective section of the [admin manual](help/SSL).)
<a name="upload"></a>
### How can I upload images, files, links, videos and sound files to posts?
You can upload images from your computer using the [editor](help/Text_editor).
@ -71,7 +68,6 @@ Some supported filetypes are WebM, MP4, MP3 and OGG.
See Wikipedia for more of them ([video](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTML5_video), [audio](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTML5_audio)).
<a name="avatars"></a>
### Is it possible to have different avatars per profile?
Yes. On your Edit/Manage Profiles page, you will find a "change profile photo" link.
@ -79,7 +75,6 @@ Clicking this will take you to a page where you can upload a photograph and sele
To avoid privacy leakage, we only display the photograph associated with your default profile as the avatar in your posts.
<a name="contacts"></a>
### What is the difference between blocked|ignored|archived|hidden contacts?
We prevent direct communication with **blocked contacts**.
@ -102,7 +97,6 @@ A **hidden contact** will not be displayed in any "friend list" (except to you).
However a hidden contact will appear normally in conversations and this may expose his/her hidden status to anybody who can see the conversation.
<a name="removed"></a>
### What happens when an account is removed? Is it truly deleted?
If you delete your account, we will immediately remove all your content on **your** server.
@ -115,7 +109,6 @@ We can block it in several ways so that it appears empty and all profile informa
After that, your account is deleted.
<a name="hashtag"></a>
### Can I follow a hashtag?
No. The act of 'following' a hashtags is an interesting technology, but presents a few issues.
@ -129,29 +122,27 @@ No. The act of 'following' a hashtags is an interesting technology, but presents
Instead, we offer other mechanisms for wide-area conversations while retaining a 'level playing ground' for both large and small sites, such as forums and community pages and shared tags.
<a name="rss"></a>
### How to create a RSS feed of the stream?
If you want to share your public page via rss you can use one of the following links:
RSS feed of your posts
#### RSS feed of your posts
Example: Friendica Support
Example: Friendica Support
RSS feed of the conversations at your site
#### RSS feed of the conversations at your site
Example: Friendica Support
Example: Friendica Support
<a name="clients"></a>
### Are there any clients for friendica I can use?
Friendica is using a [Twitter/GNU Social compatible API](help/api), which means you can use any Twitter/GNU Social client for your plattform as long as you can change the API path in its settings.
@ -187,15 +178,13 @@ If you are a theme developer, you will find help at this forum: [Friendica Theme
<a name="multiple"></a>
<a name="multiple"></a>
### Can I configure multiple domains with the same code instance?
No, this function is no longer supported as of Friendica 3.3 onwards.
<a name="sources"></a>
### Where can I find the source code of friendica, addons and themes?
You can find the main respository [here](https://github.com/friendica/friendica).

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<a name="ssl"></a>
### Warum erhalte ich Warnungen über fehlende Zertifikate?
@ -142,21 +141,25 @@ Hierzu gehören Foren, Gruppen und geteilte tags.
Wenn Du die Beiträge Deines Accounts mit RSS teilen willst, dann kannst Du einen der folgenden Links nutzen:
RSS-Feed Deiner Beiträge
#### RSS-Feed Deiner Beiträge
Beispiel: Friendica Support
Beispiel: Friendica Support
RSS-Feed aller Unterhaltungen auf Deiner Seite
#### RSS-Feed all deiner Beiträge und Antworten
Beispiel: Friendica Support
Beispiel: Friendica Support
#### RSS-Feed all deiner Aktivitäten
<a name="clients">
### Gibt es Clients für Friendica?
@ -193,7 +196,6 @@ Wenn Du ein Theme-Entwickler bist, wirst Du in diesem Forum Hilfe finden: [Frien
<a name="multiple"></a>
### Kann ich mehrere Domains mit den selben Dateien aufsetzen?