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Friendika 11 years ago
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@ -22,8 +22,7 @@ Facebook.
Granted, all your friends aren't here. Yet. The people who made fun of you
in high school (yet curiously wanted to be friends with you now) are still
"poking" each other and managing their virtual farms and telling you all about
their virtual gangwars.
Would you miss them?
their virtual gang wars. Would you miss them?
I wouldn't.
@ -31,7 +30,7 @@ Would you miss them?
that the world has changed. It's time to move on.
What if there was a social network which provided some of the same
interaction you've grown to love, *and* was free to use, open source - and
interaction you've grown to love, *and* was free to use, open source, *and*
where your privacy is always under your control?
And what if this social network could scale to encompass the entire
@ -82,8 +81,15 @@ something besides drag your friends into categories), but they may not.
What are you going to use in the meantime?
Friendika delivers. We've got an incredibly rich social communications
interface you can make use of *right now*.
interface you can make use of *right now*.
And lest you think we're just trying to copy Facebook feature-for-feature,
you couldn't be further from the truth. We like the conversational style
because it feels natural, and that's why Facebook grew to be what it is today.
But we're creating something completely different.
Something better.
A single instance of Friendika can easily support hundreds of (and up to
several thousand) people using commodity hosting hardware. Each of these
people are able to connect with potentially hundreds or thousands of friends