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Merge pull request #1736 from fabrixxm/changelog

Update Changelog and version
Michael Vogel 7 years ago
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Version 3.4.1
Implement server-to-server encryption (RINO) using php-encryption library as "RINO 2", deprecate "RINO 1" (issue #1655) (fabrixxm)
Fix connection with Diaspora "freelove" account (issue #1572) (annando)
Various SQL speedups (annando)
Port of Javascript DatePicker input from RedMatrix (rabuzarus)
Port of RedMatrix archive widget (rabuzarus)
Load profile owner settings for theme on profile page (rabuzarus)
Move HTML code from php into templates (rabuzarus)
Theme "frost": add event with doubleclick, event preview (rabuzarus)
Delete attachments on item deletion, delete videos from video tab (issue #1574) (fabrixxm)
Improvements with reshared Diaspora items (annando)
Improvements in OStatus communications: (annando)
improve duplicate handling
publish comments to post to all PuSH subscribers
use correct contact when automatically add @-replies
add attachment links as enclosures
send salmon notifications to every mentioned person
better thread completition
support for bookmarks
support for events and questions
link to items using GUID
Fix warning in mod/photo (issue #1638) (rabuzarus)
New option to block public access to local directory and poco
Fix parsing bbcode [url] tag with fragment identifier (issue #1514) (fabrixxm)
Fix HTML for oembeds (issue #1612) (fabrixxm)
Add fake fields to API response for better Twitter API compatibility (annando)
Fix search in local directory (issue #1657) (annando)
Improve OEmbed (issue #1640) (annando)
Fix double html encodig in site administration page for sitename and register text (issue #1628) (annando)
Fix remote subscription from GNU Social (annando)
Fix "{0}" in notifications (issue #1642) (annando)
Fix desktop notification (fabrixxm)
Fix rewrite test in install wizard with self-signed certificate (annando)
Better support for non standard installations of GNU Social (annando)
Fix emoticons alt text (tobias)
Improve threaded display in Vier theme (annando)
Use field templates in photo edit form (fabrixxm)
Alllow deletion of any user but yourself (issue #1625) (fabrixxm)
Install wizard load htconfig template from template/ folder, remove localized htconfig templates (fabrixxm)
Add contact detail to non-js contact drop confirm dialog (issue #1629) (fabrixxm)
Return geo coord in API (annando)
Improve events reminder: use title, show in colorbox, link using event ID (rabuzarus)
Fix spelling in accepted connection notification email (strk)
Show image size warning in a human readable format (rabuzarus)
Move ACL window in template (rabuzarus)
New option "-s" in util/ (fabrixxm)
Support but ignore delete message from Quitter (annando)
Remove google maps from core (issue #1705) (annando)
Update to German documentation (Frank Dieckmann, tobias)
Updated translations (translation teams, tobias)
Version 3.4
Optionally, "like" and "dislike" activities don't update thread timestamp (annando)


@ -17,7 +17,7 @@ require_once('include/dbstructure.php');
define ( 'FRIENDICA_PLATFORM', 'Friendica');
define ( 'FRIENDICA_CODENAME', 'Lily of the valley');
define ( 'FRIENDICA_VERSION', '3.4.0' );
define ( 'FRIENDICA_VERSION', '3.4.1' );
define ( 'DFRN_PROTOCOL_VERSION', '2.23' );
define ( 'DB_UPDATE_VERSION', 1185 );
define ( 'EOL', "<br />\r\n" );