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File storage options, naming of the default option and EN docs

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@@ -110,8 +110,9 @@ Two storage backends are avaiable with Friendica:
- **Filesystem** : Data is stored as file on the filesystem.

More storage backends can be avaiable from third-party addons.
If you use those, please refer to the documentation of those addons for further information.

Default value is 'None': it's the legacy way used to store data directly in database.
Default value is 'Database (legacy)': it's the legacy way used to store data directly in database.

Existing data can be moved to the current active backend using the ['storage move' console command](help/tools)

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@@ -1551,7 +1551,7 @@ function admin_page_site(App $a)
$storage_current_backend = StorageManager::getBackend();

$storage_backends_choices = [
'' => L10n::t('None')
'' => L10n::t('Database (legacy)')
foreach($storage_backends as $name=>$class) {
$storage_backends_choices[$class] = $name;
@@ -1607,7 +1607,7 @@ function admin_page_site(App $a)
'$hide_help' => ['hide_help', L10n::t("Hide help entry from navigation menu"), Config::get('system', 'hide_help'), L10n::t("Hides the menu entry for the Help pages from the navigation menu. You can still access it calling /help directly.")],
'$singleuser' => ['singleuser', L10n::t("Single user instance"), Config::get('system', 'singleuser', '---'), L10n::t("Make this instance multi-user or single-user for the named user"), $user_names],

'$storagebackend' => ['storagebackend', L10n::t("File storage backend"), $storage_current_backend, L10n::t('Backend used to store uploaded files data'), $storage_backends_choices],
'$storagebackend' => ['storagebackend', L10n::t("File storage backend"), $storage_current_backend, L10n::t('The backend used to store uploaded files data. If you change the storage backend, you have to manually move the existing files see <a href="/help/Settings#1_2_3_1">the settings documentation</a> for more information about the choices and the moving procedure.'), $storage_backends_choices],
'$storageform' => $storage_form,
'$maximagesize' => ['maximagesize', L10n::t("Maximum image size"), Config::get('system', 'maximagesize'), L10n::t("Maximum size in bytes of uploaded images. Default is 0, which means no limits.")],
'$maximagelength' => ['maximagelength', L10n::t("Maximum image length"), Config::get('system', 'max_image_length'), L10n::t("Maximum length in pixels of the longest side of uploaded images. Default is -1, which means no limits.")],