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Version 3.5.1
Friendica Core:
Updates to the translations (DE, ES, FR, PT-BR) [translation teams]
Updates to the translations (DE, ES, FR, IT, PT-BR) [translation teams]
Fix for a potential XSS vector [heluecht, thanks to Vít Šesták 'v6ak' for reporting the problem]
Fix for ghost request notifications on single user instances [Hypolite]
Fix user language selection [tobiasd]
@ -17,26 +17,37 @@ Version 3.5.1
Improvements to the update process [heluecht]
Improvements to the handling of worker processes [heluecht]
Improvements to the performance [heluecht, Hypolite]
Improvements to the documentation [Hypolite, tobiasd, rabuzarus]
Improvements to the MMCode / Markdown conversation [Hypolite]
Improvements to the documentation [Hypolite, tobiasd, rabuzarus, beardyunixer]
Improvements to the BBCode / Markdown conversation [Hypolite]
Improvements to the OStatus protocol implementation [heluecht]
Improvements to the Diaspora protocol implementation [heluecht]
Work on PHP7 compatibility [ddorian1]
Code cleanup [Hypolite, Quix0r]
Initial federation with Mastodon [heluecht]
The worker process can now also be started from the frontend [heluecht]
Deletion of postings is now done in the background [heluecht]
Extension of the DFRN transmitted information fields [heluecht]
Translations of the core are now in /view/lang [Hypolite, tobiasd]
Update of the fullCalendar library to 3.0.1 and adjusting the themes [rabuzarus]
ping fow works with JSON as well [Hypolite]
ping now works with JSON as well [Hypolite]
On pending registrations, an email is now send to inform the user about it [tobiasd]
On systems where the registration needs approval, a note for the admin can now be written [tobiasd]
Theme developers can now announce if their theme does support the RichText editor or not [heluecht, rabuzarus]
Meta Information for HTML descriptions is now limited to 160 character [rabuzarus]
Removed very old deprecated themes from the repository [silke]
Marked frost and frost mobile as deprecated [silke]
When creating new postings in the UI, focus is automatically put into the Title field [Hypolite]
Various bugfixes
Friendica Addons:
Updates to the translations (DE, ES, FR, PT-BR) [translation teams]
Updates to the translations (DE, ES, FR, IT, PT-BR) [translation teams]
Improvements to the IFTTT addon [Hypolite]
Improvements to the language filter addon [strk]
Improvements to the bridge [heluecht]
Improvements to the jappixmini addon [heluecht]
Improvements to the gpluspost addon [heluecht]
Improvements to the performance of the Twitter bridge when using workers [heluecht]
Diaspora Export addon is not working again [heluecht]
Better posting loop prevention for the Google+/Twitter/GS connectors [heluecht]
On some pages the result of the Rendertime is not shown anymore [heluecht]
Twitter-bridge now supports quotes and long posts when importing tweets [heluecht]
@ -45,7 +56,7 @@ Version 3.5.1
1019, 1163, 1612, 1613, 2177, 2252, 2260, 2403, 2991, 2614, 2751,
2752, 2772, 2791, 2800, 2804, 2813, 2814, 2816, 2817, 2823, 2850,
2858, 2865, 2892, 2894, 2895, 2907, 2908, 2914, 2015, 2926, 2948,
2955, 2958, 2963, 2964, 2968
2955, 2958, 2963, 2964, 2968, 2993, 3020, 3052, 3066
Version 3.5 (2016-09-13)
Friendica Core: