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add frontend worker to the admin panel and regen master messages.po file

Tobias Diekershoff 4 years ago
4 changed files with 4497 additions and 4481 deletions
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@ -29,7 +29,6 @@ Example: To set the directory value please add this line to your .htconfig.php:
* disable_email_validation (Boolean) - Disables the check if a mail address is in a valid format and can be resolved via DNS.
* disable_url_validation (Boolean) - Disables the DNS lookup of an URL.
* event_input_format - Default value is "ymd".
* frontend_worker (Boolean) - Activates the frontend worker which acts as a replacement for running the poller via the command line.
* frontend_worker_timeout - Value in minutes after we think that a frontend task was killed by the webserver. Default value is 10.
* ignore_cache (Boolean) - For development only. Disables the item cache.
* like_no_comment (Boolean) - Don't update the "commented" value of an item when it is liked.

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mod/admin.php View File

@ -669,6 +669,7 @@ function admin_page_site_post(&$a) {
$worker_queues = ((x($_POST,'worker_queues')) ? intval($_POST['worker_queues']) : 4);
$worker_dont_fork = ((x($_POST,'worker_dont_fork')) ? True : False);
$worker_fastlane = ((x($_POST,'worker_fastlane')) ? True : False);
$worker_frontend = ((x($_POST,'worker_frontend')) ? True : False);
if($a->get_path() != "")
$diaspora_enabled = false;
@ -819,6 +820,7 @@ function admin_page_site_post(&$a) {
set_config('system','worker_queues', $worker_queues);
set_config('system','worker_dont_fork', $worker_dont_fork);
set_config('system','worker_fastlane', $worker_fastlane);
set_config('system','frontend_worker', $worker_frontend);
if($rino==2 and !function_exists('mcrypt_create_iv')) {
notice(t("RINO2 needs mcrypt php extension to work."));
@ -1050,6 +1052,7 @@ function admin_page_site(&$a) {
'$worker_queues' => array('worker_queues', t("Maximum number of parallel workers"), get_config('system','worker_queues'), t("On shared hosters set this to 2. On larger systems, values of 10 are great. Default value is 4.")),
'$worker_dont_fork' => array('worker_dont_fork', t("Don't use 'proc_open' with the worker"), get_config('system','worker_dont_fork'), t("Enable this if your system doesn't allow the use of 'proc_open'. This can happen on shared hosters. If this is enabled you should increase the frequency of poller calls in your crontab.")),
'$worker_fastlane' => array('worker_fastlane', t("Enable fastlane"), get_config('system','worker_fastlane'), t("When enabed, the fastlane mechanism starts an additional worker if processes with higher priority are blocked by processes of lower priority.")),
'$worker_frontend' => array('worker_frontend', t('Enable frontend worker'), get_config('system','frontend_worker'), t('When enabled the Worker process is triggered when backend access is performed (e.g. messages being delivered). On smaller sites you might want to call yourdomain.tld/worker on a regular basis via an external cron job. You should only enable this option if you cannot utilize cron/scheduled jobs on your server. The worker background process needs to be activated for this.')),
'$form_security_token' => get_form_security_token("admin_site")

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@ -161,6 +161,7 @@
{{include file="field_input.tpl" field=$worker_queues}}
{{include file="field_checkbox.tpl" field=$worker_dont_fork}}
{{include file="field_checkbox.tpl" field=$worker_fastlane}}
{{include file="field_checkbox.tpl" field=$worker_frontend}}
<div class="submit"><input type="submit" name="page_site" value="{{$submit|escape:'html'}}" /></div>