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@ -21,6 +21,7 @@ Admins
* **[Where can I find the source code of friendica, addons and themes?](help/FAQ#sources)**
* **[I've changed the my email address now the admin panel is gone?](help/FAQ#adminaccount1)**
* **[Can there be more then just one admin for a node?](help/FAQ#adminaccount2)**
* **[The Database seems not to be updated. What can I do?](help/FAQ#dbupdate)**
@ -214,3 +215,15 @@ Have a look into your <tt>.htconfig.php</tt> and fix your email address there.
Yes. You just have to list more then one email address in the
<tt>.htconfig.php</tt> file. The listed emails need to be separated by a comma.
<a name="dbupdate">
### The Database seems not to be updated. What can I do?
Please have a look at the Admin panel under [DB updates](/admin/dbsync/) and follow the link to *check database structure*.
This will start a background process to check if the structure is up to the current definition.
You can manually execute the structure update from the CLI in the base directory of your Friendica installation by running the following script:
scripts/dbstructure.php update
if there occur any errors, please contact the [support forum](