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*Note*: Do **not** rename the .htaccess-dist file as it is tracked by GIT and renaming will cause a dirty working directory.
### Verify the "host-meta" page is working
Friendica should respond automatically to an important address named /.well-known/host-meta This URL would look like, for example, https://example.com/.well-known/host-meta It must be visible to the public and must respond with an XML file that is automatically customized to your site.
If that URL is not working, it is possible that some other software is using the /.well-known/ path and is not configured correctly to work with Friendica. Other symptoms may include an error message in the Admin settings that says "host-meta is not reachable on your system. This is a severe configuration issue that prevents communication." Another common error related to host-meta is the, "Invalid profile URL."
Check for a .well-known directory that did not come with Friendica. Any /.well-known/.htaccess file could interfere with this core requirement. You should remove any RewriteRules from that file, or remove that whole file if appropriate.
It may be necessary to chmod the /.well-known/.htaccess file if you were not given write permissions by default.
### Set up the worker
Set up a cron job or scheduled task to run the worker once every 5-10 minutes in order to perform background processing.