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update doco on FB connector

Friendika 10 years ago
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* This module still needs a lot of work, but is functional today.
* Please review this section if you upgrade because things will change.
* If you have issues upgrading, remove facebook from the addon list,
* view a page on your site, then add it back to the list. This will reset
* all of the plugin 'hooks'.
* Installing the Friendika/Facebook connector
* 1. register an API key for your site from
* a. We'd be very happy if you include "Friendika" in the application name
* to increase name recognition. The Friendika icons are also present
* in the images directory and may be uploaded as a Facebook app icon.
* Use images/ff-16.jpg for the Icon and images/ff-128.jpg for the Logo.
* Use images/friendika-16.jpg for the Icon and images/friendika-128.jpg for the Logo.
* b. The url should be your site URL with a trailing slash.
* You may use as the privacy policy
* URL unless your site has different requirements, and
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* Replace with the settings Facebook gives you.
* 2. Enable the facebook plugin by including it in .htconfig.php - e.g.
* $a->config['system']['addon'] = 'plugin1,plugin2,facebook';
* 3. Visit the Facebook Settings from "Settings->Plugin Settings" page.
* 3. Visit the Facebook Settings section of the "Settings->Plugin Settings" page.
* and click 'Install Facebook Connector'.
* 4. This will ask you to login to Facebook and grant permission to the
* plugin to do its stuff. Allow it to do so.
* 5. You're done. To turn it off visit your site's /facebook page again and
* 5. You're done. To turn it off visit the Plugin Settings page again and
* 'Remove Facebook posting'.
* Turn logging on (see the github Friendika wiki page 'Settings') and
* repeat these steps if you have trouble.
* Vidoes and embeds will not be posted if there is no other content. Links
* and images will be converted to text and long posts truncated - with a link
* to view the full post. Posts with permission settings and comments will
* not be posted to Facebook.
* and images will be converted to a format suitable for the Facebook API and
* long posts truncated - with a link to view the full post.
* Facebook contacts will not be able to view private photos, as they are not able to
* authenticate to your site to establish identity. We will address this
* in a future release.