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Changelog 3.5.3
Tobias Diekershoff 4 years ago
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Version 3.5.3 (2017-10-05)
Friendica Core:
Updates to the translations (DE, EN-GB, EN-US, ES, ZH-CN) [translation teams]
Updates to the documentation [annando, tobiasd]
Code revision and refactoring [annando, rabuzarus, Hypolite]
Fix parsing of documentation and addon README files [tobiasd]
Fix a problem with MySQLi [annando]
Fix a problem with endless scroll [annando]
Fix a problem with the display of birthday dates on the profile page [irhen]
Fix a problem with the Vagrant config [silke, tobiasd]
Fix for a bug in picture upload via the API [annando]
Enhancements to the database structure and handling [annando, Alkarex]
Enhancements to the exception handling [ddorian1]
Enhancements to the OStatus federation (Mastodon and Pleroma) [annando]
Enhancements to the Libertree federation [annando]
Enhancements to the Diaspora federation (Diaspora and SocialHome) [annando]
Enhancements to the invitation procedure [tobiasd]
Enhancements to the themes (frio, globally all) [annando, rabuzarus]
Enhancements to the community page [annando]
Enhancements to the ACL selection dialog [annando]
Enhancements to the item expiration [annando]
Enhancements to the detection of Hubzilla and red nodes [zotlabs]
Enhancements to the background process/worker system [annando]
Enhancements to the UI [annando, AndyHee, tobiasd]
Enhancements to the handling of unicode smilies [annando]
Enhancements to the remote_self functionality [annando]
Enhancements to the nginx example config [shaftoe]
Enhancements to the detection of edited postings [annando]
The logging time stamp is now ISO8601 compatible [annando]
Pictures attached to OStatus transmitted postings are now shown [annando]
Added item deletion page to the admin panel [tobiasd]
Added link to the global directory from the contacts page [rjm6823]
Added JSON/JRD support to Webfinger [annando]
Added security and privacy related headers [annando]
Removed the external pubsubhubbub service support [annando]
Friendica Addons:
Updates to the translations (ES, ZH-CN) [translation teams]
Updates to the documentation [tobiasd]
Code revision and refactoring [Hypolite]
pumpio, twitter bridges adopted to new background mechanism [annando]
Leistungsschutzrecht has a new source list, and a whitelist [annando]
retriever marked unsupported due to unwanted side-effects [annando]
Unicode emoji added [annando]
Enhancement to the general content filter [annando]
Fixes to buffer, diaspora, libertree, pumpio, gnu social, tumblr, twitter and wppost bridges to redistribute remote_self content [annando]
Fixed a bug in securemail settings form [FuzzJunket]
external poller addons are deprecated, as this is now a core functionality [annando]
Friendica Directory:
Fix a problem with the Vagrant config [tobiasd]
Fix not working node health page [Hypolite]
Fix some old links [Hypolite]
Closed Issues:
1257, 2786, 2864, 2872, 2998, 3013, 3018, 3131, 3180, 3234, 3248,
3309, 3313, 3360, 3362, 3391, 3482, 3511, 3512, 3515, 3516, 3529,
3531, 3536, 3545, 3552, 3553, 3560, 3571, 3589, 3592, 3599, 3615,
3616, 3621, 3624, 3636, 3645, 3661, 3684, 3685, 3691, 3696, 3699,
3700, 3732
Version 3.5.2 (2017-06-06)
Friendica Core:
Updates to the translations (DE, EN-GB, EN-US, ES, IT, PT-BR, RU) [translation teams]