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Version 3.5
Version 3.5.1
Friendica Core:
Updates to the translations (BG, CA, CS, DE, EO, ES, FR, IS, IT, NL, PL, PT-BR, RU, SV) [translation teams]
Fix for a potential XSS vector [heluecht, thanks to Vít Šesták 'v6ak' for reporting the problem]
Fix for ghost request notifications on single user instances [Hypolite]
Fix user language selection [tobiasd]
Fix a problem with communication to Diaspora with set posting locations [heluecht]
Fix schema handling of direct links to a original posting [Rabuzarus]
Fix a bug in notification handling [Rabuzarus]
Adjustments for the Vagrant VM settings [silke, eelcomaljaars]
Improvements to the unliking of prior likes [Hypolite]
Improvements to the API and Friendica specific extensions [gerhard6380]
Improvements to the Browser Notification functionality [Hypolite]
Improvements to the themes [Hypolite, rabuzarus, rebeka-catalina, tobiasd]
Improvements to the database handling [heluecht]
Improvements to the admin panel [tobiasd, Hypolite]
Improvements to the update process [heluecht]
Improvements to the handling of worker processes [heluecht]
Improvements to the performance [heluecht, Hypolite]
Improvements to the documentation [Hypolite, tobiasd, rabuzarus, beardyunixer, eelcomaljaars]
Improvements to the BBCode / Markdown conversation [Hypolite]
Improvements to the OStatus protocol implementation [heluecht]
Improvements to the installation wizzard [tobiasd]
Improvements to the Diaspora connectivity [heluecht, Hypolite]
Work on PHP7 compatibility [ddorian1]
Code cleanup [Hypolite, Quix0r]
Initial federation with Mastodon [heluecht]
The worker process can now also be started from the frontend [heluecht]
Deletion of postings is now done in the background [heluecht]
Extension of the DFRN transmitted information fields [heluecht]
Translations of the core are now in /view/lang [Hypolite, tobiasd]
Update of the fullCalendar library to 3.0.1 and adjusting the themes [rabuzarus]
ping now works with JSON as well [Hypolite]
On pending registrations, an email is now send to inform the user about it [tobiasd]
On systems where the registration needs approval, a note for the admin can now be written [tobiasd]
Theme developers can now announce if their theme does support the RichText editor or not [heluecht, rabuzarus]
Meta Information for HTML descriptions is now limited to 160 character [rabuzarus]
Removed very old deprecated themes from the repository [silke]
Marked frost and frost mobile as deprecated [silke]
When creating new postings in the UI, focus is automatically put into the Title field [Hypolite]
We are now shipping config files for "tx" (the Transifex client) and the "EditorConfig" addon for many common editors [fabrixxm, tobiasd]
The TinyMCE richtext editor was removed [Hypolite]
Various bugfixes
Friendica Addons:
Updates to the translations (DE, ES, FR, IT, PT-BR) [translation teams]
Improvements to the IFTTT addon [Hypolite]
Improvements to the language filter addon [strk]
Improvements to the bridge [heluecht]
Improvements to the jappixmini addon [heluecht]
Improvements to the gpluspost addon [heluecht]
Improvements to the performance of the Twitter bridge when using workers [heluecht]
Diaspora Export addon is now working again [heluecht]
Pledgie badge now uses https protocol for embedding [tobiasd]
Better posting loop prevention for the Google+/Twitter/GS connectors [heluecht]
One can now configure the message for wppost bridged blog postings [tobiasd]
On some pages the result of the Rendertime is not shown anymore [heluecht]
Twitter-bridge now supports quotes and long posts when importing tweets [heluecht]
Closed Issues
1019, 1163, 1612, 1613, 2177, 2252, 2260, 2403, 2991, 2614, 2751,
2752, 2772, 2791, 2800, 2804, 2813, 2814, 2816, 2817, 2823, 2850,
2858, 2865, 2892, 2894, 2895, 2907, 2908, 2914, 2015, 2926, 2948,
2955, 2958, 2963, 2964, 2968, 2987, 2993, 3020, 3052, 3062, 3066,
3091, 3108, 3116, 3117, 3118, 3126, 3130, 3135, 3155, 3163
Version 3.5 (2016-09-13)
Friendica Core:
NEW Optional local directory with possible federated contacts [heluecht]
NEW Autocompletion for @-mentions and BBCode tags [rabuzarus]
@ -58,7 +124,7 @@ Version 3.5
2506, 2512, 2516, 2539, 2540, 2893, 2597, 2611, 2617, 2629, 2645,
2687, 2716, 2757, 2764
Version 3.4.3
Version 3.4.3 (2015-12-22)
What's new for the users:
Updates to the documentation (silke, tobiasd, annando, rebeka-catalina)
Updated translations (tobiasd & translation teams)
@ -137,7 +203,7 @@ Version 3.4.3
Fix bbcode conversion of the about text for the profile (issue #1607) (annando)
Version 3.4.2
Version 3.4.2 (2015-09-29)
Updates to the documentation (tobiasd, silke, annando)
Updates to the translations (tobiasd & translation teams)
@ -182,7 +248,7 @@ Version 3.4.2
Parse BBCode in contact request notification email (annando)
Version 3.4.1
Version 3.4.1 (2015-07-06)
Implement server-to-server encryption (RINO) using php-encryption library as "RINO 2", deprecate "RINO 1" (issue #1655) (fabrixxm)
Fix connection with Diaspora "freelove" account (issue #1572) (annando)
@ -234,7 +300,7 @@ Version 3.4.1
Update to German documentation (Frank Dieckmann, tobias)
Updated translations (translation teams, tobias)
Version 3.4
Version 3.4 (2015-04-05)
Optionally, "like" and "dislike" activities don't update thread timestamp (annando)
Updated markdown libraries (annando)
@ -262,7 +328,7 @@ Version 3.4
Add help text to explain the options for approving contacts (issue #1349) (silke)
API set as unseen only posts returned by the call (issue #1063) (annando)
Version 3.3.3
Version 3.3.3 (2015-02-24)
More separation between php and html in photo album (issue #1258) (rabuzarus)
Enhanced community page shows public posts from public contacts of public profiles (annando)
@ -296,7 +362,7 @@ Version 3.3.3
Fix email validation (ddorian1)
Better documentation for developers (silke)
Version 3.3.2
Version 3.3.2 (2014-12-26)
Set default value for all not-null fields (fixes SQL warinigs) (annando)
Fix item filters in network page (issue #1222) (fabrixxm)
@ -308,7 +374,7 @@ Version 3.3.2
Better display of pictures in posts (annando)
Fix out of control gprobe process (annando)
Version 3.3.1
Version 3.3.1 (2014-11-06)
JSONP support for API (fabrixxm)
Fixed small bug in direct messages API (fabrixxm)
@ -326,7 +392,7 @@ Version 3.3.1
Translation updates
Version 3.3
Version 3.3 (2014-10-06)
added support in the API to allow image uploads from Twidere

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util/credits.txt View File

@ -2,6 +2,8 @@
Abinoam P. Marques Jr.
Adam Jurkiewicz
Alberto Díaz Tormo
Alexander Kampmann
@ -13,10 +15,12 @@ André Alves
André Lohan
Arian - Cazare Muncitori
Beatriz Vital
Ben Roberts
@ -46,6 +50,7 @@ Doru DEACONU
Dylan Thiedeke
Développeur égaré
Eelco Maljaars
@ -72,13 +77,16 @@ hauke
Hauke Altmann
Hauke Zühl
Hubert Kościański
Hypolite Petovan
Jens Tautenhahn
Jeroen S
Johannes Schwab
John Brazil
Jonatan Nyberg
Josef Moravek
@ -133,7 +141,7 @@ rcmaniac
Ricardo Pereira
Roland Haeder
Roland Häder
Rui Andrada
Sakałoŭ Alaksiej
@ -173,10 +181,11 @@ ufic
Vasudev Kamath
Vasya Novikov
Vít Šesták 'v6ak'
Yasen Pramatarov
Zach Prezkuta
Zvi ben Yaakov (a.k.a rdc)

+ 2
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util/ View File

@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ import os, glob, subprocess
# not work in some cases.
dontinclude = ['root', 'friendica', 'bavatar', 'tony baldwin', 'Taek', 'silke m',
'leberwurscht', 'abinoam', 'fabrixxm', 'FULL NAME', 'Hauke Zuehl',
'Michal Supler', 'michal_s', 'Manuel Pérez', 'rabuzarus']
'Michal Supler', 'michal_s', 'Manuel Pérez', 'rabuzarus', 'Alberto Díaz']
# this script is in the /util sub-directory of the friendica installation
@ -32,7 +32,7 @@ dontinclude = ['root', 'friendica', 'bavatar', 'tony baldwin', 'Taek', 'silke m'
path = os.path.abspath(argv[0].split('util/')[0])
print('> base directory is assumed to be: '+path)
# a place to store contributors
contributors = ['Andi Stadler']
contributors = ["Andi Stadler", "Vít Šesták 'v6ak'"]
# get the contributors
print('> getting contributors to the friendica core repository')
p = subprocess.Popen(['git', 'shortlog', '--no-merges', '-s'],