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@ -132,10 +132,11 @@ contain commas. There MAY be any number of ASCII space characters between
entries for legibility. Header lines are terminated with a linefeed character
(ASCII 0x0A).
This specification provides the following foreign protocol address prefixes
This specification provides the following protocol address prefixes
for use in Z-To: or Z-Bcc: elements:
zot: - normal zot delivery using webfinger or LRDD resolvable address
dfrn: - legacy DFRN mode delivery using webfinger or LRDD resovable address
ostatus: - normal OStatus delivery using webfinger or LRDD resovable address
diaspora: - Diaspora network delivery using webfinger address
facebook: - Facebook profile page URL
@ -253,15 +254,12 @@ This specification is subject to change. The current version which is in
effect at a given site may be noted by XRD properties. The following
properties MUST be present in the XRD providing the relevant endpoint:
<Property xmlns:zot="http://purl.og/zot/1.0"
zot:version="1" />
<Property type="">1</Property>
<Property type="">application/atom+xml</Property>
<Property xmlns:zot="http://purl.og/zot/1.0"
zot:accept="application/atom+xml" />
Version is specified in this document and indicates the current revision.
Version is an increasing non-zero integer value. There are no minor versions.
Implementations MAY provide compatibility to multiple incompatible versions
by using this version indication. The "accept" indicates a range of document
content types which may be enclosed in the underlying salmon magic envelope.