some platforms don't provide version information

Tobias Diekershoff 6 years ago
parent 350887f892
commit 32b2d9952b

@ -285,14 +285,14 @@ function admin_page_federation(&$a) {
// get a total count for the platform, the name and version of the
// highest version and the protocol tpe
$c = qu('SELECT COUNT(*) AS `total`, `platform`, `network`, `version` FROM `gserver`
WHERE `platform` LIKE "%s" AND `last_contact` > `last_failure` AND `version` != ""
WHERE `platform` LIKE "%s" AND `last_contact` > `last_failure`
ORDER BY `version` ASC;', $p);
$total = $total + $c[0]['total'];
// what versions for that platform do we know at all?
// again only the active nodes
$v = qu('SELECT COUNT(*) AS `total`, `version` FROM `gserver`
WHERE `last_contact` > `last_failure` AND `platform` LIKE "%s" AND `version` != ""
WHERE `last_contact` > `last_failure` AND `platform` LIKE "%s"
GROUP BY `version`
ORDER BY `version`;', $p);