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added option to the admin panel to allow users to set the remote_self flag

Tobias Diekershoff 8 years ago
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@ -328,6 +328,7 @@ function admin_page_site_post(&$a){
$enotify_no_content = ((x($_POST,'enotify_no_content')) ? True : False);
$private_addons = ((x($_POST,'private_addons')) ? True : False);
$disable_embedded = ((x($_POST,'disable_embedded')) ? True : False);
$allow_users_remote_self = ((x($_POST,'allow_users_remote_self')) ? True : False);
$no_multi_reg = ((x($_POST,'no_multi_reg')) ? True : False);
$no_openid = !((x($_POST,'no_openid')) ? True : False);
@ -453,6 +454,7 @@ function admin_page_site_post(&$a){
set_config('system','newuser_private', $newuser_private);
set_config('system','enotify_no_content', $enotify_no_content);
set_config('system','disable_embedded', $disable_embedded);
set_config('system','allow_users_remote_self', $allow_users_remote_self);
set_config('system','block_extended_register', $no_multi_reg);
set_config('system','no_openid', $no_openid);
@ -603,7 +605,7 @@ function admin_page_site(&$a) {
'$enotify_no_content' => array('enotify_no_content', t("Don't include post content in email notifications"), get_config('system','enotify_no_content'), t("Don't include the content of a post/comment/private message/etc. in the email notifications that are sent out from this site, as a privacy measure.")),
'$private_addons' => array('private_addons', t("Disallow public access to addons listed in the apps menu."), get_config('config','private_addons'), t("Checking this box will restrict addons listed in the apps menu to members only.")),
'$disable_embedded' => array('disable_embedded', t("Don't embed private images in posts"), get_config('system','disable_embedded'), t("Don't replace locally-hosted private photos in posts with an embedded copy of the image. This means that contacts who receive posts containing private photos will have to authenticate and load each image, which may take a while.")),
'$allow_users_remote_self' => array('allow_users_remote_self', t('Allow Users to set remote_self'), get_config('system','allow_users_remote_self'), t('With checking this, every user is allowed to mark every contact as a remote_self in the repair contact dialog. Setting this flag on a contact causes mirroring every posting of that contact in the users stream.')),
'$no_multi_reg' => array('no_multi_reg', t("Block multiple registrations"), get_config('system','block_extended_register'), t("Disallow users to register additional accounts for use as pages.")),
'$no_openid' => array('no_openid', t("OpenID support"), !get_config('system','no_openid'), t("OpenID support for registration and logins.")),
'$no_regfullname' => array('no_regfullname', t("Fullname check"), !get_config('system','no_regfullname'), t("Force users to register with a space between firstname and lastname in Full name, as an antispam measure")),


@ -89,6 +89,7 @@
{{include file="field_checkbox.tpl" field=$enotify_no_content}}
{{include file="field_checkbox.tpl" field=$private_addons}}
{{include file="field_checkbox.tpl" field=$disable_embedded}}
{{include file="field_checkbox.tpl" field=$allow_users_remote_self}}
<div class="submit"><input type="submit" name="page_site" value="{{$submit}}" /></div>