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added some info on vagrant to the help for devs

Silke Meyer 7 years ago
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@ -23,3 +23,14 @@ There are two branches in the main repo on Github:
Please pull in any changes from the project repository and merge them with your work **before** issuing a pull request. We reserve the right to reject any patch which results in a large number of merge conflicts. This is especially true in the case of language translations - where we may not be able to understand the subtle differences between conflicting versions.
Also - **test your changes**. Don't assume that a simple fix won't break something else. If possible get an experienced Friendica developer to review the code.
[Vagrant]( is a virtualization solution for developers. No need to setup up a webserver etc. before actually starting. Vagrant creates a virtual machine (an Ubuntu 12.04) for you that you can just run inside VirtualBox and start to work directly on Friendica. What you need to do:
1. Install VirtualBox and vagrant.
2. git clone Friendica (note the Vagrantfile inside).
3. Run vagrant up, have some patience.
4. Run vagrant ssh to log into the virtual machine.
5. It depends on the network setup of your host and virtual box guest how you reach the friendica web interface of the VM.