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13 years ago
Installation guide
The following notes apply to alpha/beta releases. Some manual installation is
required at this time.
13 years ago
1. Requirements
- Apache with mod-rewrite enabled and "Options All" so you can use a
local .htaccess file
- PHP > 5.1. The later the better. You'll need 5.3 for full openssl
encryption support
- PHP *command line* access with register_argc_argv set to true in the
php.ini file
13 years ago
- Mysql 5.x
- cron
[ offers all of the necessary hosting features at a
reasonable price. If your hosting provider doesn't allow Unix shell access,
you might have trouble getting everything to work.]
13 years ago
2. Edit htconfig.php and change system settings. Rename to .htconfig.php
3. Import database.sql into your database with mysql command line or via phpmyadmin
4. Import updates.sql (if it exists) to catch any late-breaking devel changes
13 years ago
5. Put this directory into the root of your web server document area.
- To use a subdir of your main site, set the
config variable $a->path to the relative subdir
in .htconfig.php - for example to use -
13 years ago
set $a->path to 'test'.
- Everything will work much better if you can dedicate a domain
or subdomain so that you don't require an extra server path.
13 years ago
6. Navigate to your site with a web browser and register an account.
7. Set up a cron task to run "php include/poller.php" once every 5-10 minutes.
13 years ago