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<div id="prvmail-wrapper" >
<form id="prvmail-form" action="message" method="post" >
<div id="prvmail-to-label">{{$to}}</div>
{{if $showinputs}}
<input type="text" id="recip" name="messagerecip" value="{{$prefill}}" maxlength="255" size="64" tabindex="10" />
<input type="hidden" id="recip-complete" name="messageto" value="{{$preid}}">
<div id="prvmail-subject-label">{{$subject}}</div>
<input type="text" size="64" maxlength="255" id="prvmail-subject" name="subject" value="{{$subjtxt}}" {{$readonly}} tabindex="11" />
<div id="prvmail-message-label">{{$yourmessage}}</div>
<textarea rows="20" cols="72" class="prvmail-text" id="prvmail-text" name="body" tabindex="12">{{$text}}</textarea>
<div id="prvmail-submit-wrapper" >
<input type="submit" id="prvmail-submit" name="submit" value="{{$submit}}" tabindex="13" />
<div id="prvmail-upload-wrapper" >
<div id="prvmail-upload" class="icon border camera" title="{{$upload}}" ></div>
<div id="prvmail-link-wrapper" >
<div id="prvmail-link" class="icon border link" title="{{$insert}}" onclick="jotGetLink();" ></div>
<div id="prvmail-rotator-wrapper" >
<img id="prvmail-rotator" src="images/rotator.gif" alt="{{$wait}}" title="{{$wait}}" style="display: none;" />
<div id="prvmail-end"></div>