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$site_color = get_config("quattro","color");
$site_quattro_align = get_config("quattro", "align" );
if (local_user()) {
$color = get_pconfig(local_user(), "quattro","color");
$quattro_align = get_pconfig(local_user(), 'quattro', 'align' );
if ($color===false) $color=$site_color;
if ($color===false) $color="dark";
if ($quattro_align===false) $quattro_align=$site_quattro_align;
if (file_exists("$THEMEPATH/$color/style.css")){
echo file_get_contents("$THEMEPATH/$color/style.css");
echo "
html { width: 100%; margin:0px; padding:0px; }
body {
margin: 50px auto;
width: 900px;