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cd $(dirname $0)
KEYWORDS="-k -kt -ktt:1,2"
find .. -name "*.php" | xargs xgettext $KEYWORDS --from-code=UTF-8
F9KVERSION=$(sed -n "s/.*'FRIENDIKA_VERSION'.*'\([0-9.]*\)'.*/\1/p" ../boot.php);
sed -i "s/SOME DESCRIPTIVE TITLE./FRIENDIKA Distribuited Social Network/g" messages.po
sed -i "s/YEAR THE PACKAGE'S COPYRIGHT HOLDER/2010, 2011 Mike Macgirvin/g" messages.po
sed -i "s/FIRST AUTHOR <EMAIL@ADDRESS>, YEAR./Mike Macgirvin, 2010/g" messages.po
sed -i "s/PACKAGE VERSION/$F9KVERSION/g" messages.po
sed -i "s/PACKAGE/Friendika/g" messages.po
sed -i "s/CHARSET/UTF-8/g" messages.po
sed -i "s|#: \.\./|#: ../../|g" messages.po