Friendica Communications Platform (please note that this is a clone of the repository at github, issues are handled there)
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  1. Friendica on Github
  2. ===================
  3. * [Home](help)
  4. **Here is how you can work on the code with us**
  5. 1. Install git on the system you will be developing on.
  6. 2. Create your own [github]( account.
  7. 3. Fork the Friendica repository from [](
  8. 4. Clone your fork from your Github account to your machine. Follow the instructions provided here: []( to create and use your own tracking fork on github
  9. 5. Commit your changes to your fork. Then go to your github page and create a "Pull request" to notify us to merge your work.
  10. **Branches**
  11. There are two branches in the main repo on Github:
  12. 1. master: This branch contains stable releases only.
  13. 2. develop: This branch contains the latest code. This is what you want to work with.
  14. **Important**
  15. Please pull in any changes from the project repository and merge them with your work **before** issuing a pull request. We reserve the right to reject any patch which results in a large number of merge conflicts. This is especially true in the case of language translations - where we may not be able to understand the subtle differences between conflicting versions.
  16. Also - **test your changes**. Don't assume that a simple fix won't break something else. If possible get an experienced Friendica developer to review the code.
  17. Check out how to work with [our Vagrant](help/Vagrant) to save a lot of setup time!