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7 years ago
# frio
### A bootstrap based theme for friendica
7 years ago
This Theme was started as an experiment to give the user a good looking and modern theme for friendica.
I concentrated on 3 topics:
1. A Modern, mobile friendly UI with bootstrap and awesome font
2. Try to get a new UX for friendica (e.g. use modals where it seems to be useful)
3. Give the user a powerfull (but easy) possebillities for custimation to personalize the theme and give it a own note.
**Installation Requirements:**
* modern Browser with JS enabled (Chrome/Chromium is recommended)
* if you update the theme you should disable and enable the theme again from the admin panel (to apply possible new hooks)
While Frio is doing its job very well in most cases, there still is some work to do. Some templates are still missing and will be added in future versions.
7 years ago
Some insights into my motivation for starting coding this theme:
This theme should be the start of a discussion in the friendica community (users and developers) about UI/UX in friendica.
What frameworks do we want to use? How should default friendica look like? And how do we want to use friendica? What do we need in the core code (At the present time some stuff this is done with ugly javascript hacks and own php code)?
Coding a theme is much work but you will get a really good insight of the limitations of friendica and can start a discussion about doing things differently.
So join the discussion at the friendica forums ;-)
If anyone wants to contribute to this theme he/she is welcome to do this.
Don't blame me too much for ugly code and hacks. Fix it ;-)
#### Screenshots
![Default - Stream](
**Theme - Settings**
![Theme - Settings](
**Red scheme**
![Red scheme](
**Love Music scheme**
![Love Music scheme](
**frio on mobile**
![frio on mobile](
#### Credits:
HumHub - Social Network Kit - <>
Hubzilla - Community Server - <>
Michael Vogel (Vier Theme) - <>
StefOfficiel (Friendiboot Theme) - <>
#### License:
7 years ago
[original commit history](