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# Friendica Global Directory
This standalone software is meant to provide a global public directory of [Friendica ]( profiles across nodes.
This is an opt-in directory, meaning that each node can choose not to submit its profiles to global directories, and each user can individually choose not to be submitted.
## Requirements
- PHP >= 7.1 with:
- Curl
- GD
- Command-line access
- A web server with URL rewriting (Apache)
- A database server (MariaDB)
- A background task scheduler (Crontab)
- About 60 MB for a Git install
- About 100 MB for a full database
## Installation
Please refer to the provided [installation instructions](
## See also
- [Project Concepts](docs/
- [Directory Protocol](docs/
## Special thanks
- [Beanow]( for his efforts to spearhead the previous version of the Friendica Directory software.
- [Scott Arciszewski]( for his inspiration to use Slim and his invaluable Slim app example.