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Impressum Plugin for Friendika
Author: Tobias Diekershoff
License: 3-clause BSD license (same as Friendika)
This plugin adds an Impressum block to the /friendika page with informations
about the page operator/owner and how to contact you in case of any questions.
In the notes and postal fields you can use HTML tags for formatting.
For configuration you can set the following variables in the .htconfig file
* $a->config['impressum']['owner'] this is the Name of the Operator
* $a->config['impressum']['ownerprofile'] this is an optional Friendika account
where the above owner name will link to
* $a->config['impressum']['email'] a contact email address (optional)
will be displayed slightly obfuscated
as name(at)example(dot)com
* $a->config['impressum']['postal'] should contain a postal address where
you can be reached at (optional)
* $a->config['impressum']['notes'] additional informations that should
be displayed in the Impressum block